November 08, 2010 14:13 ET

NetBase Participates in "Consumer Insight" Course at Northwestern University

Co-Founder Michael Osofsky Speaks to Next Generation of Social Media Researchers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - November 8, 2010) -  NetBase, the Insight Discovery company, announced today that Michael Osofsky, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of NetBase as well as co-founder of, presented today to graduate students in Consumer Insight, a course offered by Northwestern University's Medill School. The presentation was structured to educate a new generation of future leaders in netnography, social media research and analytics, introducing them to the unique natural language processing technology in NetBase's social media research tool -- ConsumerBase.

A foundational course in the school's Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program, Consumer Insight teaches students concepts and skills for understanding the goals, values and pain points in people's lives to better determine how to deliver value to them as consumers. Students in the IMC program graduate and enter the business world in high demand, due to a wealth of knowledge on executing marketing strategies, particularly in the new age of technology and social-media-driven consumer insight.

"A particular strength of our program is that our students are trained in analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, using both the left and right brain," said Professor Michelle Weinberger, who designed the curriculum for the Consumer Insights course. "In the IMC program, the emphasis is on understanding consumer value, behavior and meanings as the center of the entire marketing process. NetBase offers unique analytical software that provides data for better understanding the meanings behind brand-based web conversations, equipping our students with the ability to develop more meaningful and effective marketing plans."

Individuals interested in Michael's presentation to IMC students can find the basis for it here.

ConsumerBase is the only tool that can extract consumer preferences from terabytes of public social Web information. Dozens of top consumer organizations and market research firms have turned to NetBase because our tools are smarter and faster than any other alternative for understanding consumers online.

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