March 21, 2011 09:00 ET

NetBase Puts Brand Performance and Consumer Insights at Marketers' Fingertips

Social Media Insight & Analysis Solutions Developed in Concert With World's Leading Brands; Launched at Advertising Research Foundation's re:think Annual Conference

NEW YORK, NY and MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - March 21, 2011) - NetBase, the Social Media Insight & Analysis Company, today announced two new products for managing brand performance, designed to give marketers a clear picture of how consumers think and feel about their brand, based on millions of social media conversations. The announcement coincides with the 75th Anniversary of the Advertising Research Foundation's Annual Conference, ARF: re:think 2011, in New York City.

Marketers can get a brand snapshot delivered right to their inbox with the "NetBase Insight Scorecard" which reports three key metric benchmarks: social media buzz, net sentiment and passion intensity, along with key conversation drivers about their brand. All of these metrics are compared against the competition and trended over time in simple and clear data visualizations, including the proprietary Brand Passion Index, which has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, AdAge, and USA Today. Ultimately, the Scorecard helps marketing teams correct course faster with changing consumer opinions and effectively out-market the competition.

"Market researchers who've been waiting for their 'aha' moment to embrace the social research evolution now have the tools to help them reach an epiphany," said Merrill Dubrow, CEO and president of M/A/R/C. "NetBase has tapped into the new insights methodology that I've been harping on, and packaged it into a scorecard that even the most traditional analysts will adopt seamlessly -- and out of necessity if they wish to remain relevant."

After marketing teams find out how their brand is performing in social media, market researchers can dive deeper with the "NetBase Insight Workbench" to find out the reasons why. The Workbench is an advanced insight discovery SaaS tool evolved from the original ConsumerBase product launched at the 2010 ARF re:think conference. Research analysts can identify market trends and "hot topics" faster and more accurately, discover novel product uses and potential innovations, supplement traditional research activities with social media market research, and get a quick read on the questions that they previously could not afford to answer.

"We are breaking new ground with benchmarking, insight and analysis tools developed at the 'speed of social' and co-created with some of the world's leading brands, including Coca-Cola, Taco Bell and J.D. Power & Associates," said Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO of NetBase. "For the first time, marketers and researchers are adequately armed with on-demand insight into how their brands are perceived online when they get the scorecard, including the popular Brand Passion Index delivered to their inbox."

During ARF: re:think, NetBase is hosting a joint panel with J.D. Power & Associates and uSamp titled "The Need for Speed -- Use Social, Mobile and More to Accelerate Your Insight Strategy," moderated by Merrill Dubrow of M/A/R/C Research. Panelists include Lynn Hemans, Director, Industry & Competitive Insights, Taco Bell; Stan Sthanunathan, Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Insights, The Coca-Cola Company; Angelike Galdi, Director Skin Care, L'Oreal USA; and James Williams-Ness, Director Media Research, Sesame Street. For more information, or to register, go to In addition, NetBase leadership has been nominated for an ARF Great Minds Award in the Member Recognition category.

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NetBase Social Media Insight & Analysis helps marketing teams make smarter business decisions faster. We deliver tools and scorecards that give market researchers and brand managers a reliable way to understand online brand equity, analyze and compare consumer passion, and generate deep insights that answer their "why" questions. Serving hundreds of corporate customers, our products were developed in partnership with five of the top 10 CPG companies, including Coca-Cola and Kraft, and are used by four of the top 10 market research firms, including J. D. Power & Associates. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, NetBase is a privately held company. For more information, visit:

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