October 30, 2012 09:00 ET

NetBase Solves Measurement Challenges of Digital Marketers With Digital Channel Intelligence Solution

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Oct 30, 2012) - Today at the Sentiment Analysis Symposium, NetBase, the Enterprise Social Intelligence Platform Company, announced the Digital Channel Intelligence (DCI) Solution. Brands and agencies can now derive more value from their social channels by truly understanding the conversations fans and followers are having, instead of relying only on measuring "likes" and other accumulation metrics.

How DCI Works
DCI will offer a comprehensive, real-time picture of what's happening across digital channels including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others so that digital marketers can roll up key metrics specific to the activity on each unique channel, while integrating actionable insights from the broader social web. They will be able to drill down to insights such as community growth, amplification and conversion rates, and surface discussion topics down to the fan posts and comments. By closely observing fan and follower behaviors and understanding what they are actually saying, marketers make better decisions about their content, channel selection, timing, and more; and they can respond faster to issues that crop up on their owned channels or those of their competitors. DCI is designed for business people and takes minutes to set up and use.

"The DCI dashboards give me all of the information I need to understand what's happening on our Facebook fan page," says Kelli Theiler, associate brand sociologist, Carmichael Lynch. "They are very intuitive, and I love the fact that end-users can customize their views of the data directly from the interface, without having to understand the behind-the-scenes dashboard building process."

According to industry analyst Seth Grimes, Alta Plana, "Brands have learned that timely, comprehensive social data -- and the analytical power to discover patterns and identify impact -- are key to driving customer engagement, online and off. NetBase has invested in advanced technologies and in business-user focused interfaces and is ideally positioned to deliver the insights that brands need."

DCI for Facebook
DCI changes the way marketers and businesses operate by giving them rich insights that extend the activity counts such as comments, likes, shares and impressions offered by tools using Facebook Insights data. DCI makes it possible to conduct "strategic monitoring," measuring net sentiment and brand passion and aggregating insights from tens of thousands of fan discussion topics: what they liked or disliked, what posts worked and which didn't, what content is about to go viral. Marketers can also benchmark and compare fan pages against the competition after a very simple setup process.

"The problem with social media reporting is that a happy 7 and an angry 7 are still 7. Smart companies rely on both numbers AND words to better understand what customers really say, think, and feel. NetBase DCI makes this process faster and easier than ever," said Jay Baer, social media and digital marketing thought leader and President, Convince and Convert.

DCI is currently being used for Facebook fan page analysis by early adopter customers. General availability for other owned social channels will follow.

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