August 20, 2015 19:05 ET

NetDebt, LLC -- Experts Explain Debt Consolidation Versus Debt Settlement

PLANO, TX--(Marketwired - August 20, 2015) - NetDebt, LLC has announced the publishing of a new blog post titled "Which Is It? Debt Consolidation or Debt Settlement?" to their website, The firm's blog aims at individuals dealing with financial debt caused by emergency situations, providing insight on the differences between debt consolidation and debt settlement, including the benefits and potential drawbacks of both.

The most common causes of financial debt include job loss, medical emergencies, the loss of a loved one, and comparable hardships. In fact, on average, each household with a credit card is reported to carry more than $15,000 in credit card debt, equating to a staggering $11.4 billion of total U.S. consumer debt. According to a leading NetDebt, LLC expert, "Financial debt happens even to good hard-working people, so you should not feel bad about it. Many emergencies cannot be avoided, which create financial debt that put many individuals in the situation of obtaining a loan. Oftentimes, U.S. citizens choose debt consolidation, knowing nothing or very little about debt settlement, which is another strategy that can be much more efficient in alleviating financial burdens."

Due to the confusion created by the similar terms used for both strategies, most people fail to understand the differences between the two. "Choosing either of these strategies will directly impact your financial future. By outlining the aspects that differentiate debt consolidation from debt settlement, we aim to help our clients understand what the best solution for their situation is, and how it may contribute to getting out of debt," the expert elaborates. The blog post published by NetDebt, LLC describes debt consolidation as a "big secured loan" that is intended for paying off unsecured debts such as medical bills, requiring a collateral such as the debtor's home and a good credit history. By contrast, debt settlement refers to the process of hiring a team like NetDebt, LLC to negotiate a reduction of the debt with creditors. Since no collateral is required, debt settlement is considered a much safer option for debtors.

"At NetDebt, we don't want our clients to risk their assets by choosing debt consolidation as the solution for their financial debt," the seasoned advisor states. "We strongly believe that by choosing a reliable and established service to negotiate the amount of debt to be paid off, people can significantly reduce their debt and breathe easy again, without stressing over putting up a collateral."

NetDebt, LLC is an established service committed to providing time-tested, proven debt settlement solutions to individuals struggling with financial debt. Since its establishment, NetDebt has helped thousands of clients across the country reduce their debt and achieve financial freedom. With over 60 years of combined experience, NetDebt offers not only a strategic approach to debt relief, but also financial education to allow clients to build a new and fresh start, and successfully manage their finances to prevent future debt problems. To enroll in a debt settlement program, visit or call 800-979-6812.

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