May 02, 2012 09:30 ET

NetIQ Minimizes Risk of Unauthorized Access and Entitlement Creep

NetIQ Access Governance Suite 6 Delivers Actionable Intelligence to Help Protect Corporate Data, Meet Compressed Audit Cycles

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - May 2, 2012) - Organizations struggle with managing and reporting on end user access and entitlements to meet monthly or quarterly reporting audit cycles and protect corporate information. Add an ever-increasing number of applications and systems and an uptick in cloud-based applications permeating corporate environments, and overall visibility of and control over what end users have access to and how they are using that access is difficult to validate.

To improve how business owners dynamically track and report on the constant changes in roles and responsibilities, entitlements, employee departures and "time-bound" access, NetIQ® today announced the availability of Access Governance Suite 6 (AGS 6). An integral offering in the company's Identity and Access Governance solution set, AGS 6 delivers access recertification, job role management, automated access request management and more to:

  • Reduce risk, cost and complexity: Replace error-prone manual procedures with an automated approach for requesting, reviewing, certifying and remediating user access -- reducing the time and costs associated with demonstrating compliance.
  • Dynamically manage change: Manage changes to user access requirements while speeding up access delivery and avoiding potential compliance violations.
  • Govern enterprise policies across IT policy domains: Enforce enterprise security business rules -- such as Separation of Duty (SoD) policies -- while allowing business unit-specific access policies to govern information resources.
  • Identify business risks stemming from user access: Gain a business-relevant, comprehensive view of access rights, complemented by powerful analytics, to reveal risks and anomalies that need review and remediation.
  • Implement sustainable compliance procedures: Create an auditable record for access policy management that proves compliance with pertinent regulations.

This latest release adds enhanced risk-based analysis and scoring to standard access request, access certification and role management capabilities to highlight end users who, based on their entitlements, may merit additional scrutiny or review. Additional features include an enhanced, user configurable interface as well as broader platform, database and web server support.

"With the movement to cloud-based applications, organizations are even more challenged to attain a level of visibility and control over user access and entitlement creep, which impacts their ability to meet compliance requirements," said Tom Crabb, manager of Product Marketing at NetIQ. "AGS 6 builds on NetIQ's decades of identity lifecycle management and access governance experience and provides business owners with answers to the age-old question of 'who has access to what' with actionable intelligence required to fully protect corporate data regardless of where it resides and maintain compliance postures on an ongoing basis globally."

Availability and Pricing
NetIQ Access Governance Suite 6.0 is generally available today, with enterprise pricing of $64 per user. Customers on version 4.x and 5.0.1 can upgrade to this latest version free of charge. For more information, visit

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