January 30, 2007 06:00 ET

Netli Delivers Application Speed and Availability to Users in Asia Pacific Region Following Major Earthquake

Application Delivery Service Ensures Application Availability and Performance Despite Major Cable Cut

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 30, 2007 -- Netli®, the fastest growing global service provider for accelerating applications and content over the Internet, today outlined how many customers using Netli's industry-leading Application Delivery Network Service maintained application access and excellent performance for users in the Asia Pacific region even after a major earthquake off the coast of Taiwan damaged a number of undersea cables, degrading or cutting off communications with the Philippines, China, Japan, Taiwan, and the greater Southeast Asia Pacific region.

"Our servers are located in Hong Kong, and we have always been very impressed with the performance Netli delivers to our end users in China, the United States, and the United Kingdom," said Arnie Doyle, IT Director, WorldFriends Networks. "After the earthquake, we noticed that Netli kept our web business running smoothly, while many other sites were completely down."

The 7.2 earthquake that occurred on December 26, 2006 off the southern tip of Taiwan was responsible for multiple cable breaks, at once cutting off or slowing Internet traffic to the region. According to the Internet Traffic Report web site, an Internet connectivity monitoring service, packet loss in Asia immediately rose from about 10 percent to more than 40 percent. Some 60 percent of capacity to the U.S. was disrupted, with China, Japan, and Southeast Asia experiencing the greatest difficulties.

"The earthquake resulted in significant degradation of Internet communication to South Korea, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Japan. Despite best efforts to reroute traffic to undamaged cables and satellite links, users are experiencing greater packet loss and latency, failed web page downloads, and incomplete e-commerce transactions," said Dan Golding, vice president and senior analyst covering Hosting and Internet Infrastructure at Tier 1 Research. "Content and application delivery networks are largely immune to this sort of disruption due to their geographic dispersion, use of optimized protocols, and built-in redundancy. Content and application delivery networks are an excellent way of disaster-proofing the global application delivery process, which, as we've seen, is more fragile than is generally believed."

Many customers of Netli's application acceleration and content delivery network services continued to access and use their applications despite the cable break and high packet-loss conditions. Netli's service was able to intelligently route traffic around the cable break, and then utilize its proprietary protocol to overcome packet loss and ensure application availability and performance.

"The earthquake in Taiwan highlights the value of the Netli service for mission-critical applications and content," said Willie M. Tejada, senior vice president of marketing and business development for Netli. "With such a major cable break, only a handful of routes were available, leading to overload and congestion. Netli's global platform found the best available route. Then our patented Netli protocol ensured applications could perform as expected despite the high packet-loss conditions."

The NetliOne™ Platform serves as the foundation for the Netli Application Delivery Network (ADN) suite of services: NetLightning®, NetliOffload™, NetliContinuity™, NetliView™, NetliDRM™, and Netli Accelerated SSL Delivery. NetLightning securely accelerates dynamic, enterprise Web applications to assure LAN-like response times worldwide without requiring application modifications. With zero cache warming and management required, NetliOffload offloads static content delivery to shift bandwidth, computing, and storage requirements from the enterprise data center to the on-demand Netli network infrastructure. NetliContinuity provides global traffic management to ensure optimal performance and availability across data centers. NetliView continuously monitors business-critical, Netli-optimized applications to provide visibility into application response time and health. Netli DRM provides accelerated access to and control over high-value digital assets. Netli Accelerated SSL Delivery ensures LAN-like response times worldwide for secure traffic.

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Netli is the fastest growing global service provider for accelerating applications and content over the Internet -- enabling global eBusiness from centralized infrastructure. Netli provides network infrastructure as a service, on-demand optimizing application and content delivery while shifting bandwidth, computing, and storage requirements to Netli infrastructure. The result is better utilization of capital budgets and resources by transferring the cost, risk, complexity and management overhead of delivering enterprise-scale Web applications and content to Netli. The world's three biggest mobile phone suppliers, the largest technology reseller, the largest beauty products company, the two largest computer manufacturers, and the top two import auto manufacturers trust Netli for their application acceleration and content delivery needs. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California and was recently included in the AlwaysOn 100 list of the most innovative technology companies in the world.

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