June 06, 2005 08:00 ET

NetPro Announces DirectoryAnalyzer 4.0 & MissionControl 2.0

New Releases Solidify Infrastructure Management Offerings for Active Directory & MIIS, Provide Powerful Diagnostics, Alerting and Auditing Capability

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 6, 2005 -- MICROSOFT TECHED -- NetPro Computing, Inc., a leading provider of distributed services management software, today announced DirectoryAnalyzer 4.0 for Active Directory, and MissionControl 2.0 for Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS). Designed to meet the increasing demands of NetPro's enterprise customer base, DirectoryAnalyzer 4.0 and MissionControl 2.0 both introduce enhanced diagnostic, alerting and auditing capability for the users of Microsoft's top identity management technologies.

"Our Directory Experts Conference (DEC) 2005 Delegate Survey clearly showed that Active Directory health and change auditing are the most important Active Directory requirements for users," said Brad Hibbert, Vice President of Product Management for NetPro. "DirectoryAnalyzer 4.0 enables customers to do both from a single console, not only receiving proactive alerts, but also correlating the alerts with specific change audit information and drilling down directly on the root cause of Active Directory issues."

About DirectoryAnalyzer 4.0

DirectoryAnalyzer ensures the reliability and performance of Active Directory by proactively monitoring and alerting on the directory 24x7, managing all key infrastructure components, including replication, Active Directory-related DNS, domain controllers, operations masters, global catalogs, domains, and sites. DirectoryAnalyzer 4.0 sets a new standard for Active Directory health management by enabling faster, more efficient auditing and diagnostic capability from a powerful new user interface.

DirectoryAnalyzer 4.0, available at the start of Q3, includes the following key features and benefits:

--  Enables administrators to troubleshoot enterprise-wide directory
    problems quickly and efficiently through integration with
--  Correlates Active Directory alerts with infrastructure change
    events through tight integration with ChangeAuditor
--  Features a multi-forest view, providing a single dashboard interface
    with graphical drilldown capability
--  Provides new alerts, enabling users to look deeper and wider into the
    health of Active Directory
--  Dispatches instant email notifications, allowing administrators to
    stay on top of Active Directory health from wherever they are
--  Prevents downtime and cuts Mean Time to Repair on directory issues
--  Provides instant access to a comprehensive knowledge base,
    delivering expert advice for fast and efficient problem resolution
The same DEC 2005 Delegate Survey indicates that MIIS is steadily gaining traction in the marketplace, with one-third of respondents using it and another 40% considering implementation of the technology in the coming year. "This substantial upgrade of our MIIS management solution proves our commitment to this important set of customers," said Hibbert. "As MIIS adoption grows, so too does the need for deeper, more comprehensive management of identities. MissionControl is the first and only solution available to provide it, and it's even more robust now in its 2.0 version."

About MissionControl 2.0

MissionControl brings control to the MIIS environment by enabling unprecedented operations management capability. MissionControl provides a graphical presentation of MIIS, giving administrators the power to proactively troubleshoot and diagnose MIIS issues. MissionControl delivers on-demand Service Level reports for capacity planning, baselining and management reporting, and it provides exceptional visibility into MIIS by monitoring and alerting on MIIS health, and auditing and reporting on critical configuration changes as they happen.

MissionControl 2.0, available at the end of Q2, includes the following key features and benefits:

--  Ensures a secure and controlled identity environment by tracking
    Metaverse and configuration changes in real-time
--  Provides graphical attribute flow diagrams, highlighting relations to
    the Metaverse and Connector Space and enabling proactive troubleshooting
    and diagnostics
--  Slashes administrative time through a graphical console for run-
    profile execution, including pre- and post-job execution information
--  Enables administrators to execute on internal controls by providing
    real-time insight into both authorized and unauthorized Active Directory
--  Reduces Mean Time to Repair and cuts user downtime by proactively
    troubleshooting identity changes.
About NetPro

NetPro sets the Gold Standard for distributed infrastructure management. We incorporate decades of experience into every enterprise solution, ensuring that our customers can manage the health, security and control of their Active Directory, DNS, MIIS, and eDirectory environments with total, unparalleled confidence. Our solutions enable organizations to increase access availability, stability and performance, prevent costly disruptions, improve security and policy compliance, and enhance management productivity and efficiencies. We exceed expectations in the quality and depth of our solutions and deliver exceptional customer support and ROI every time. NetPro is a Gold Certified Microsoft partner and our customer list features such respected organizations as Bank One, the U.S. Army and General Motors. For more information about NetPro, please visit our website at or call 602.346.3600.

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