June 10, 2008 08:30 ET

NetPro Boosts Compliance Across the Enterprise With Three New Solution Upgrades

Software Empowers Users to Drive and Ensure Compliance With New Access, Auditing and Log Management Capabilities That Extend Beyond Windows

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - June 10, 2008) - TECHED - Solidifying its Windows infrastructure compliance offering with three powerful new solutions, NetPro Computing, Inc. today announced dramatically enhanced capabilities for Windows access management and auditing, as well as log management for Windows and beyond. With its enhanced solution offering, NetPro automates and optimizes the business processes used to manage and access the Windows environment, as well as the reporting necessary to prove compliance.

"We know that without a solution to build in administrative access rights and workflow, plus comprehensive auditing and log management, customers are hard pressed to stay organized -- never mind compliant," said Brad Hibbert, NetPro Vice President of Strategy. "We've built in compliance checks and balances across the enterprise, allowing customers to get compliant and stay compliant over time. By ensuring that the right people have access to the right resources, we give administrators the power to stop issues before they happen, and audit, index and archive to prove ongoing compliance every step of the way. It's the total package."

About NetPro's Compliance Solution Upgrades

AccessManager 3.0

NetPro AccessManager 3.0, available at the end of June, provides automation and enforcement of resource access across critical Windows applications including Active Directory, Exchange and SQL Server. With AccessManager 3.0, users can report on the state of security across their Windows infrastructure and better manage security settings with workflow controls, automated business rules and naming conventions. Key benefits include:

-- Drives compliance with granular access control for Exchange and SQL server permissions;

-- Reports on enterprise-wide access to prove compliance with built-in reports for Exchange and SQL Server;

-- Automates business processes to save time, integrating with ADUC and allowing for the creation of business rules for all Active Directory objects and attributes; and,

-- Enforces approval processes for greater control, tracking and managing changes through a customizable review and approval system.

ChangeAuditor 4.6

A finalist in the 2008 TechEd Best of Show Awards competition, ChangeAuditor 4.6 enables ongoing compliance management with real-time change auditing across the enterprise. In ChangeAuditor 4.6, Exchange compliance and security is dramatically expanded with coverage of owner and non-owner mailbox events.

"Now administrators can quickly see who accessed, deleted, copied, moved, or created e-mails from a given mailbox," said Hibbert. "These are critical bits of compliance data that are extremely hard to capture without help." ChangeAuditor 4.6 is available now and capabilities include:

-- Audits detailed Exchange information for administrators and users who have gained access to another users' mailbox, filtering and highlighting who is reading which e-mails from non-owner mailboxes; and,

-- Reports on Exchange and SQL Server events with 100 new reports on Exchange owner and non-owner events, as well as SQL events.

LogADmin 3.0

Available at the end of June, NetPro LogADmin 3.0 provides support beyond the Windows environment with comprehensive event log management for Windows, as well as UNIX, Linux and NAS/SAN devices. With LogADmin 3.0, administrators can index entire log files and search on multiple criteria at the field level without requiring that data be stored in a SQL database. This ensures that eDiscovery can be performed at any time on any subset of the database and greatly improves performance, flexibility and long-term storage requirements. Critical functionality includes:

-- Archives, consolidates and indexes logs enterprise-wide, including UNIX and Linux;

-- Provides instant searching, sorting and filtering of NAS/SAN devices; and,

-- Turns raw log data into information rich reports that easily demonstrate compliance.

Hibbert cites NetPro's 2008 Directory Experts Conference Survey results as strong evidence of the need for these compliance capabilities. "Delegating Administrative Rights and Compliance Reporting took second and third place as the top daily challenges for IT organizations, ranking just below the top challenge -- User Provisioning/De-Provisioning," Hibbert said. "Customers need help to build controls and reporting into their infrastructure and we're delivering that across the enterprise."

And Microsoft's Tejas Dixit, Group Manager, Identity and Access, reinforces the customer requirement. "The current climate for regulation forces companies to focus on compliance," said Dixit. "NetPro has built out solutions that help our customers enforce enterprise-wide compliance."

About NetPro

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