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NetPro DEC 2007 Survey Provides Insights on the Job Satisfaction of Directory & Identity IT Pros

Identity & Access Professionals Enjoy Significantly Higher Job Satisfaction Than Other Workers; Less Politics and Better Tools Would Improve Happiness

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - September 5, 2007) - NetPro Computing, Inc. today announced the availability of a new report that focuses on the Job Satisfaction of Directory and Identity IT professionals. Using results gathered from NetPro's fifth Directory Services and Identity and Access survey conducted at the Directory Experts Conference (DEC) 2007 in Las Vegas in April, the new report deep dives into the data to analyze job satisfaction levels, identify factors that improve and lower satisfaction, and compare satisfaction levels by job title and other demographics.

"I was pleased with the survey response rate and candid feedback from the DEC attendees," said Gil Kirkpatrick, NetPro's Expert in Residence and DEC founder. "The end result is a strong data sample that IT pros can benchmark against and use to improve their job satisfaction levels. It's also important data for the organizations that employ these skilled IT staffers -- helping them to understand what it takes to retain the best people."

Among the report's key findings:

--  Identity and Access Management professionals are significantly happier
    with their jobs than the average American worker.  The survey found that
    74% of respondents were either satisfied (39%) or very satisfied (35%) with
    their jobs, a percentage that easily exceeds the 50% satisfaction levels
    found among American workers in another national study.1
--  Seniority has its rewards.  Job satisfaction is linear by experience
    level.  Increasing seniority means greater job comfort and features such
    perks as increased autonomy and first pick of choice projects.
--  Challenges are a good thing.  As a group, survey respondents gain
    satisfaction from working with new and exciting technologies, constant
    challenges and new experiences, and continuous opportunities to learn and
    gain new skills.
--  Internal Politics are the biggest cause of job dissatisfaction.
    Survey respondents get frustrated by issues that prevent them from doing
    their jobs efficiently.  Other negative factors are excessive bureaucracy,
    lack of tools and resources and insufficient time to do tasks well.
--  Better tools trump higher pay?  Respondents had many suggestions on
    how to improve their job satisfaction, but most surprisingly, getting
    better tools and automation easily topped the list, beating the second-
    place finisher (higher pay) by a margin of two to one.

Along with these insights, the report contains a wealth of ideas on how to further improve job satisfaction categorized in profiles and recommendations by job title and experience level. The Directory and Identity Job Satisfaction report is available now:

The survey was conducted during the Directory Experts Conference 2007 in April, held at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. To obtain a copy of the complete DEC 2007 Attendee Survey Research Summary, highlighting top priorities, trends and issues for directory and identity professionals, please visit For more information about DEC Europe, to be held September 24-26 in Brussels, Belgium, please visit To learn more about DEC 2008, coming up in Chicago, Ill., March 2-5, 2008, please visit

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1. "U.S. Job Satisfaction Declines," The Conference Board, Press Release, Feb. 23, 2007

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