August 13, 2008 08:30 ET

NetPro Directory Experts Conference 2008 Survey Reveals Continued Identity and Access Management Challenges

Respondents Split on Effectiveness of Their Organization's Identity and Access Management Performance

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - August 13, 2008) -


-- NetPro, a leading provider of infrastructure optimization software, today announced the availability of its Directory Experts Conference (DEC) 2008 survey report. Topping the list as a key challenge for IT professionals and vendors was the issue of identity and access management.

-- Conducted by NetPro annually at DEC, the goal of the survey is to gain a better understanding of the issues facing attendee organizations, the relative priority of those issues, current tool usage and common practices for directory and other Windows infrastructure management tasks.

-- Of the 565 delegates in attendance at DEC 2008, approximately 50 percent of the overall pool of conference attendees responded to the survey. Respondents primarily consisted of technicians who work within large corporate and governmental IT organizations, and are responsible for Active Directory management as well as supporting large numbers of directory users.

-- According to the survey, respondents are divided on the success of their organization's identity and access management performance. While 35 percent consider themselves either "world class" or "better than average," 40 percent of respondents believe their organization's identity and access management practices to be "novices" or "less effective than we wish."

-- DEC attendees in charge of identity and access management responsibilities have almost doubled from prior years, from 24 percent in 2005 to 46 percent in 2008 -- demonstrating a clear increase in the importance of tackling this issue amongst vendors and IT professionals alike.

-- Of the various tasks associated with identity and access management implementation, user provisioning / de-provisioning easily captured first place among IT respondents with over 1/3 rating this area problematic at minimum. A tedious area subject to high volumes of requests, 5 percent of respondents rated it as "Out of Control" in their organizations, and only 28 percent rated it as "Handled Well" or a "Non-Issue." This same topic took second place amongst vendor respondents, receiving problematic ratings from 20 percent. However, although a clear concern, only 17 percent of respondents have fully automated provisioning.

-- When it comes to addressing identity and access management challenges within their organization, specifically in regards to compliance reporting (69 percent), security configuration (58 percent), user provisioning / de-provisioning (55 percent) and password management (53 percent), respondents are primarily underwhelmed by the quality of automation tools available.

-- Founded by NetPro in 2001, DEC provides experienced Active Directory administrators with advanced technical education from the industry's top experts and Microsoft technology leadership. Today, with over 1,000 participants annually, the conference has grown to include multiple Microsoft technologies including Active Directory, Exchange Server, SQL Server, File Systems and ILM. Beginning in 2009, DEC will be called The Experts Conference (TEC) for Directory & Identity and it will be hosted alongside its new sister conference, The Experts Conference (TEC) for Exchange.


-- "The DEC 2008 Survey shows that Federation technology adoption is growing at a strong clip -- having captured about 50% of the early market -- and the value it provides to enable access across partner organizations is driving that adoption in the marketplace," said Tejas Dixit, Platform Marketing Group Manager for Identity and Security at Microsoft. "It is great to see such a positive reception for Federation technology in the marketplace and we appreciate the education provided to the world's largest users of Windows technology by NetPro's Directory Experts Conference."

-- "As the leading provider of technology for Windows infrastructure management, NetPro strongly believes in research to understand the issues, needs and best practices of the identity and access management community," said Kevin Hickey, President and Chief Executive Officer, NetPro. "The knowledge we have gained from this year's DEC survey enables us to build better products and we share it freely with the community to contribute to the productivity and effectiveness of its members."

-- "The results of the DEC survey suggest that identity and access management is clearly on the radar of enterprise IT practitioners," said Gil Kirkpatrick, Expert-in-Residence, NetPro. "With that said, growing numbers are looking to deploy or have deployed role-based access control products to better manage access rights. While managing user access rights across distributed resources and applications can certainly be a complex task, it is a task required to enforce security and meet compliance requirements."

-- "There are many operational problem areas within the identity and access management community today -- from password management and compliance reporting to delegating administrative rights," said Brad Hibbert, Vice President of Product Strategy, NetPro. "Not surprisingly, getting better tools and automation tops DEC survey respondents' wish list for the second year in a row. To help streamline these issues, NetPro offers AccessManager to help administrators meet security and compliance mandates and lower overall costs with centralized role-based access management, delegation and access reporting for Windows resources."


-- View a chart which illustrates the growth of identity and access management concerns amongst survey respondents

-- View screenshots of NetPro's AccessManager

-- Download a graphic of the most challenging areas of identity and access management for survey respondents

-- Download a complimentary copy of the full 2008 DEC Survey Report or the Executive Summary

-- Download a datasheet on NetPro's AccessManager

-- Watch a vlog of NetPro's Expert-in-Residence, Gil Kirkpatrick, speaking about identity and access management

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