June 20, 2005 08:00 ET

NetPro Survey Highlights Top Priorities and Key Issues for World's Largest Directory Implementations

Security and Compliance Continue to Increase in Strategic Priority; Access Rights, GPO and Replication Top Technical Issues List

PHOENIX, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 20, 2005 -- NetPro Computing, Inc. today announced the results of its third Active Directory survey, conducted at the Directory Experts Conference (DEC) 2005 in Vancouver, British Columbia, in March. Completed by more than 100 delegates, the survey captures a wealth of information on real-life directory usage, issues, priorities, effort allocation and best practices. Survey respondents include Active Directory technicians, engineers, IT managers and directors, and executives, with 86% representing IT organizations with more than 100 employees. NetPro has published a comprehensive white paper which highlights the key findings of the survey, and it is available now at

"While many 2005 survey findings trend consistently with last year's results, there are important differences. Whereas Security far exceeded other escalating concerns last year, it now shares the spotlight with Corporate Compliance. Both areas are rising rapidly in priority and are seeing a concurrent rise in issues and challenges," said Gil Kirkpatrick, NetPro's CTO and DEC founder. "This important shift tells us a great deal about where IT organizations are directing their efforts on a daily basis and where help is most needed."

In addition to security and compliance concerns, most directory technicians face Active Directory (AD) issues that require attention one to three times per week. The most commonly cited Active Directory issue is Access Rights, with Group Policy Objects (GPO) and replication coming in second and third. "We were also quite interested to learn that 48% of problems reach end users," said Kirkpatrick. "It's clear that proactive management geared toward identifying and fixing issues before they impact the user population could dramatically improve Active Directory service levels."

Survey results highlight how Active Directory support teams spend their time. Out of seven major support activities, Directory Administration and Supporting AD Users rank first and second, respectively, and a remarkable 56% of respondents support more than 20,000 users. Conversely, while respondents rank Monitoring AD Health as their most important AD requirement, as an activity, Monitoring and Tuning ranks seventh and accounts for less than 10% of respondent time. This result reflects the positive impact of automating this activity.

Among the many interesting findings contained in the survey white paper:

--  Almost all organizations will have migrated Active Directory to
    Windows Server 2003 by the end of 2005
--  User Authentication remains the top Active Directory-enabled
    application (cited by 98% of respondents), followed by File and Print
    Services (92%), SQL (77%) and Exchange (74%)
--  52% of organizations rate themselves better than average on their
    overall directory management performance
--  A large majority of respondents lack the ability to quantify per user
    support costs
--  50% of respondents are currently using ITIL practices and another 38%
    are considering its use
--  MIIS is currently deployed by 31% of respondents; another 13% plan to
    deploy within 12 months
To obtain a copy of the DEC 2005 Attendee Survey White Paper, please visit NetPro's Directory Experts Forum at

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