April 01, 2014 10:00 ET

NetSeer Deploys Predictive Viewability Engine to Optimize Media Budgets Against Viewable Impressions

Aligns With Media Ratings Council Accredited Partner, Alenty, to Detect 98 Percent of Viewable Ad Impressions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Apr 1, 2014) - NetSeer, the creator of Concept targeting for advertisers and publishers, today announced its new Predictive Viewability Engine, offering viewable-impression metrics that are fully integrated into its ConceptGraph™ intent-based targeting platform. 

NetSeer is partnering with Alenty, a Media Ratings Council-accredited viewability provider, to offer the most complete and accurate viewability measurement of programmatic premium impressions across desktop and mobile Web inventory. By directly addressing current media buying inefficiencies and advertisers' demand for greater transparency, NetSeer is enabling real-time bidding based on predictive viewability measurement, backed by Alenty's verification data and expertise.

"As we see it, viewability verification is about getting advertisers to a place of confidence around what's actually going on when their ad is placed, and painting a more accurate picture of engagement," said John Mracek, CEO, NetSeer. "It's also an essential component of what we call 'the five points of programmatic premium': relevance, brand-safety, quality content, accurate targeting -- and now viewability."

While viewability, by definition, is measured post impression, NetSeer has developed advanced, proprietary models to accurately predict the likelihood that an ad will be in view -- even if it lies below the fold. By optimizing media-buying decisions against these models, NetSeer has averaged a viewability score of 70 percent across recent premium brand campaigns in an industry where more than half of all inventory is considered unviewable.

Enhanced NetSeer campaign reports will capture viewability measurement standards as they are defined by the Making Measurement Make Sense (3Ms) industry initiative, which specify that at least 50 percent of an ad must be viewable to a consumer for one continual second. NetSeer also will offer its customers the ability to specify viewability metrics based on custom percentage-viewed and duration values. Additional insights such as total time on page, and the total time an ad is in view collectively will offer greater transparency on brand engagement.

The addition of viewable impression measurement makes exchange-based inventory a more attractive platform for brand marketers, and creates a better gauge to assess the impact of their online marketing. Viewability further opens the door for new, accountability-driven engagement models and metrics. Moreover, it offers a line of defense in the battle against fraudulent ad traffic by ensuring ads are reaching human audiences.

"Our Predictive Viewability Engine and Alenty partnership arms agencies with viewability verification tools that offer a critical layer of transparency around their clients' media campaigns and budgets," added Mracek. "This is an important first step toward accountability -- no longer rewarding last-click attribution models that favor black boxes stalking cookies over real brands reaching real prospects."

About NetSeer
NetSeer, the creator of Concept targeting, provides ad solutions for advertisers and publishers driven by the company's patented ConceptGraph™ intent engine. NetSeer delivers exceptional advertising performance across desktop, mobile, and video inventory backed by its hallmark values of accuracy, relevance, and brand-safety. Leveraging the scale and economics of the programmatic advertising, NetSeer helps advertisers maximize the value of their digital ad budget. For publishers, it provides new content-monetization avenues via related-search and topical links. NetSeer is privately held, and funded by Onset Ventures and Mission Ventures. The company is based in Mountain View, CA, with offices in New York City, Chicago and other major media markets.

About Alenty
In 2007, Alenty was the first company in the world that succeeded in measuring the viewability of online banners. Alenty is able to successfully measure 98% of ad-impressions, including desktop, mobile Web and in-stream video. Serving the entire value chain of Web advertising, including buy-side, sell-side, and ad-exchange platforms, Alenty provides tailored ad-viewability solutions that contribute tangibly to the objectives of its clients, which include companies such as Publicis, OMD, and Google. Alenty is headquartered in Paris, France and was accredited by the Media Rating Council in 2013.