June 18, 2014 10:00 ET

NetSeer Introduces InImageLinks, a New Image-Based Revenue Stream for Publishers

Provides Avenue to Counter Revenue Impact of Move From Served to Viewable Impressions, Without Sacrificing Reader Experience

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 18, 2014) - NetSeer, the creator of Concept-based targeting for advertisers and publishers, today announced the launch of InImageLinks™, its in-image advertising solution that delivers new revenue opportunities for publishers. InImageLinks enables publishers to monetize previously untapped page elements, combining editorial images with contextual search links that are exceptionally relevant to the associated article content.

InImageLinks is powered by NetSeer's proven, patented ConceptGraph™ intent engine. Concepts, NetSeer's units of intent, emulate the associations that form naturally in the human mind between words and ideas, making them ideal to uncover relevant related topics. InImageLinks goes a step further to unearth natural associations from the surrounding editorial, not just basic image metadata, to align with the meaning of the story and to avoid contextual misfires.

InImageLinks has proven successful for NetSeer's strategic publisher partners who participated in a limited initial release of the new in-image monetization solution, collectively experiencing an average of 60% lift in revenue performance.

"With the visual Web growing unabated, and at unprecedented rates of engagement, InImageLinks offers an ideal canvas for image monetization -- without adding visual clutter," said Dennis Clerke, president of monetization, NetSeer. "This comes at a critical time when publishers are looking to counter the revenue impact of the industry-wide move from served to viewable impressions, while still being mindful of their readers' experience."

"InImageLinks has given us an appreciable lift in page RPMs from day one," said Gyutae Park, founder, at "It's a smart in-image monetization system, that's easy to set up, customize to our brand and start seeing results -- without requiring a page redesign."

InImageLinks offers a range of capabilities designed to enhance editorial images, slideshows and image galleries, including:

  • Integrated Appearance: Customizable fonts, colors, transparency and size integrate natively with existing site design

  • Responsive Design: Automatically adjusts to fit desktop, mobile and tablet content

  • Guaranteed Fill Rate: Because InImageLinks is rooted in search, every image has a 100% fill rate for related topics

  • Clutter Control: Define the number of InImageLinks-enhanced images per page, and number of links per image

  • Brand Safe: Filter controls to exclude inappropriate or sensitive images

According to research from MDG Advertising, editorial content containing relevant images have 94 percent more total views than articles without images. When images are combined with text, together they produce levels of comprehension and recall that far exceed text alone. With InImageLinks, NetSeer is helping publishers capitalize on their editorial images by layering in intelligent, related search links that contextually align with the adjacent article. This maximizes the use of limited page real estate to generate a new revenue stream from previously untapped page elements, without disrupting existing display revenue or the reader experience.

InImageLinks is now available to all publishers for deployment. For more information, visit

About NetSeer
NetSeer, the creator of Concept targeting, provides ad solutions for advertisers and publishers driven by the company's patented ConceptGraph™ intent engine. NetSeer delivers exceptional advertising performance across desktop, mobile, and video inventory backed by its hallmark values of accuracy, relevance, and brand-safety. Leveraging the scale and economics of the programmatic advertising, NetSeer helps advertisers maximize the value of their digital ad budget. For publishers, it provides new content-monetization avenues via related-search and topical links. NetSeer is privately held, and funded by Onset Ventures and Mission Ventures. The company is based in Mountain View, CA, with offices in New York City, Chicago and other major media markets.