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August 09, 2005 09:00 ET

NetSimplicity Introduces New Visual Asset Manager Enterprise Edition

Visual Asset Manager Enterprise Assists in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

AUSTIN, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 9, 2005 -- NetSimplicity Software today announced general availability of Visual Asset Manager Enterprise Edition, a new version of its asset management software that will enable facilities and operations managers to save significant time tracking and evaluating fixed, mobile and IT assets.

The new Enterprise Edition extends the original Visual Asset Manager (VAM) product to accommodate larger enterprises with full visibility into what they own, where assets are deployed, and the value of those assets via a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy solution.

NetSimplicity has also partnered with E-ISG -- the Asset Management Team -- to offer a full-service enterprise asset management solution to their clients. These services include: Appraisal, Data Collection, Process Management, Custom Reporting and Deployment Oversight. Together, NetSimplicity and E-ISG deliver a turnkey asset management solution for organizations seeking to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and similar regulatory requirement.

"Facilities and operational assets represent a major investment essential to any enterprise," said Nancy Harris, Vice President of NetSimplicity, a division of Forgent Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FORG). "Yet, too often, this investment is neglected, the assets are misplaced, and those assets are turned into liabilities -- by the simple inability to track where they are, what state they're in, what they're worth and what should be done with them. Visual Asset Manager delivers the essential asset management capabilities needed to fix this problem in a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy package."

Facilities and operations managers, financial officers and IT professionals can now track asset valuation and depreciation to improve accuracy, plug "leaks" in the asset management chain and eliminate unnecessary purchases. Visual Asset Manager's unique floor plan mapping and customization capabilities help organizations gather and maintain asset inventories with greater ease.

The Enterprise Edition features new access-anywhere interfaces for handheld barcode scanners and tablet PC devices, available as optional modules. It also includes performance and scalability enhancements to support enterprise-scale, multi-site deployments, new Crystal Reports® customizable reports and MS Report Server Reports, native Microsoft SQL Server® database access and a new tool that allows users to import inventory data from virtually any legacy data source.

Asset management also provides a significant foundation for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning. "With VAM, a company can know what assets they own, where the spare assets are housed, and how they can be deployed in the event the company experiences a sudden loss of their facility," says Eric Beser, managing partner of EISG and a Certified Business Continuity Planner. "It is essential for companies to have spare office plans that can move equipment into the office quickly so that the impact of facility loss is minimized."

"With Visual Asset Manager, we have a complete view of our fixed assets throughout the firm," says Valerie Baader, Operations Manager for Venable LLP. Venable, the nation's 7th largest law firm, recently selected NetSimplicity and E-ISG to implement a full-service asset management solution for over 28,000 assets at all five of their offices.

By improving an organization's control of its assets, Visual Asset Manager Enterprise:

--  Reduces losses. By improving visibility of the location and assignment
    of your assets, VAM can reduce losses associated with misplacement and
    theft. It also tracks lease status to help organizations avoid leasing
--  Eliminates unnecessary purchases. VAM improves the organization's
    ability to assess its current asset deployments and identify opportunities
    to redeploy assets -- instead of purchasing unnecessary ones.
--  Reduces insurance costs. By providing a platform to facilitate
    effective asset valuation, VAM enables organizations to eliminate over-
    insurance costs.
--  Saves time and effort. VAM eliminates time wasted searching for assets
    and manually tracking moves, redeployments and retirement.
--  Helps organizations comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and similar regulatory
    requirements -- By improving the organization's audit control over it's
    assets, Visual Asset Manager can play an important role enabling
    organizations to comply with recent accountability mandates.
--  Required in Disaster Recovery Plans. Knowing where your key assets are
    located, and where spare assets are housed is essential to recover from a
    disaster where your facility is rendered unusable for any period of time.
    VAM provides spare office reports as well as valuation of assets for
    insurance and recovery purposes. VAM tracks warehoused assets for quick
    deployment into alternate office arrangements.
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