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October 23, 2014 08:23 ET

Netvibes Announces General Availability of AutoSave to Store and Analyze Unlimited Social, Web and Enterprise Data

Analyze Historical and Real-Time Data With Netvibes' Customizable Dashboards; Store the Unlimited Memory of Your Business for Any Length of Time

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - October 23, 2014) - Netvibes, the Dashboard of Everything delivering brand and social media monitoring, data analytics and reporting, today announced the general availability of AutoSave, a new feature that allows Premium for Team users to keep all the content in their dashboards for future analysis, without limit to the number of articles stored. With AutoSave, Netvibes users can collect their own business history and keep all their social, web and enterprise data for as long as they choose.

In today's social world, brands can be mentioned in thousands of tweets, blogs, articles and videos every minute online. Companies need unlimited access to all of this social data in order to understand what is really being said about their brand. However, many social monitoring tools limit the amount of data that can be stored, thereby giving users only a sliver of insight into the most-recent conversations.

Available only from Netvibes, AutoSave automatically stores all data in Premium dashboards, including an unlimited number of articles, tweets and posts, for any length of time. With a complete view into everything happening online, both today and into the past, Netvibes empowers users to listen, learn and act on all the data that matters to their business.

Only Netvibes enables users to select the data sources that they care about and trust to create a noise-free Personal Corpus that focuses precisely on the data that matters to their business. Netvibes' uniquely intuitive drag-to-compare interface allows non-technical users to ask deep questions of data, creating custom graphs, analyzing brand sentiment and identifying industry trends. Netvibes also supports importing web data or external files for instant analysis of virtually any and all data within the enterprise. With Netvibes, companies can easily analyze the ROI on anything, using the precise metrics that matter to their business.

"AutoSave is a leap forward for social media analytics. No longer are businesses limited to analyzing only a handful of social data that quickly disappears as new content is generated. With Netvibes' AutoSave, dashboards automatically store all the data that a company cares about, without noise and without limits, so they can read and analyze back in time," said Freddy Mini, CEO of Netvibes. "As the vivid memory of our users' businesses, Netvibes empowers companies to achieve critical insights into their data quickly and easily while sharing information across the organization."

Benefits of AutoSave, available only from Netvibes:

  • Unlimited memory: Select the data sources you trust to create your own Personal Corpus, then store all your data without limits. Read and analyze back in time. Discover exactly what was said about your brand online. Compare today's data with last month or last year.
  • Immutable analytics: Content may disappear online, but Netvibes analytics will not. Even if an article, tweet or website is deleted, Netvibes stores the data so you can re-crunch your information in the future, just as it appeared today.
  • Elastic visualization: As you add or remove content, your charts will automatically update. No matter how many sources or analytics you have in your dashboard, the results will always appear instantly, thanks to Netvibes' elastic and scalable storage.

With AutoSave, Netvibes Premium for Team users automatically keep all articles for three months at no extra charge, regardless of how many articles are collected. As an add-on option, customers may also choose to keep their data for 12 months, 24 months or longer.

Netvibes adopts Apache Cassandra
The new AutoSave feature is made possible by Netvibes' recent deployment of Apache Cassandra, the open-source distributed database management system. Powered by Cassandra, Netvibes renders analytics and charts instantly, regardless of the size of the dashboard or how many data sources it contains. With highly scalable, elastic storage, Netvibes can now store unlimited articles for AutoSave customers.

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