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Netvibes, the Dashboard of Everything

June 02, 2015 07:00 ET

Netvibes Delivers Programmable Intelligence With Newly Launched Dashboard of Things

Potions Enable Enterprises and Consumers to Easily Automate Interactions Between Data, Apps and Connected Devices, Like Nest Learning Thermostat and Netatmo Weather Station

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - June 02, 2015) - Netvibes, the leader in Dashboard Intelligence, today announced the general availability of the newest evolution of Netvibes, called the Dashboard of Things (DoT). Netvibes DoT introduces "programmable intelligence," empowering businesses to easily program automatic interactions between apps and devices, triggered by analytical data insights. Consumers can also use DoT to program Netvibes to automate their digital life and connect their IoT smart devices.

In the era of Big Data, companies of all sizes are using analytics to glean insights that enable better business decisions, based on data. Netvibes' DoT is the first platform to enable enterprises to fully programmatize their own business logic and automate actions based on data intelligence. Rather than waiting for a human decision-maker to read the data and decide to act, organizations can now program their Netvibes dashboard to act automatically and immediately in response to data.

First introduced in February 2015 as a private technology preview, today Netvibes DoT is generally available for the first time to all, enabling everyone-from consumers to large enterprises-to program their own Internet.

Programming for everyone
Millions of users each month use Netvibes dashboards to monitor everything that matters to them, their brand or their business online. Now with DoT, Netvibes' innovative UI makes it simple for anyone, even non-programmers, to instantly create a new Potion with specific triggers and actions. Users can choose from pre-made Potions or create a new Potion from scratch by selecting the ingredients: e.g., If A and/or B triggers happen, then do X and Y actions; otherwise, do U and T. Simple yet powerful, Netvibes Potions deliver full programmability and support multiple conditions and actions to enable highly complex and targeted interactions.

As part of today's GA launch, Netvibes announced support for new Ingredients and platforms, including: Dropbox, Nest Learning Thermostat®, Nest Protect: Smoke + Carbon Monoxide™, Netatmo Weather Station, Parrot FlowerPower, Pocket, Swarm and much more. Additional Ingredients will be added weekly. Later this year, Netvibes will release an API to enable any developer to add custom integration for their own Ingredients and devices. For the full list of currently available Ingredients, please visit

Partner quote

"Netatmo shares Netvibes' vision of bringing smarter innovations to consumers, and we are excited to be part of the first wave of connected devices supported by Netvibes' Dashboard of Things. With Netvibes, our customers will now find even greater value from their Netatmo Thermostats for Smartphone and Netatmo Weather Stations, by automating every preference and building scenarios with ever more apps and devices."

  • Romain Paoli, Lead Product Manager at Netatmo

Netvibes Potions: You pick the triggers and actions.
Your dashboard makes the magic happen.

DoT for Enterprise -- Automate Your Business Logic
With Netvibes all the data that matters to a business is analyzed in one dashboard, including everything from enterprise files, to news and social media, to live cloud data connected from third-party services like Google Analytics. With Dashboard of Things, the enterprise can now program automated actions to occur based on insights from the dashboard, thereby automating business intelligence.

Example Potions for Enterprise:

  • When the website goes down: email the IT team, text the administrator, and automatically begin the reboot process through SSH.
  • Warehouse monitoring: every hour on the weekends, record the warehouse temperature logs on Tumblr. If the temperature exceeds a set limit, send push notifications to all of the manager's devices and lower the temperature on the Nest Learning Thermostat.

"Netvibes' Dashboard of Things puts the power of the programmable web within reach of everyone, from the largest enterprises to individual consumers without the need for coding skills," said Freddy Mini, CEO of Netvibes. "We call it 'programmable intelligence': learn from all your data, share insights across your team, and automate processes to eliminate the time-gap between data ingest, data insight and business action."

Example Potions for Marketers and Agencies:

  • Real-time crisis alerts: When negative mentions of your brand increase on Twitter, email the PR team and text the social media manager.
  • Automated tracking and reporting: When a new article is published that mentions your company, add it to Pocket to read later and compile the articles into an automatic weekly email report.
  • Social media automation: When a new post is published on the company blog, instantly share it on Twitter and Facebook.

Example Potions for Consumers:

  • Weather Forecasting: When it's going to rain, text yourself to "bring an umbrella" and post the forecast on Facebook.
  • Plant Care: When your Parrot FlowerPower detects low moisture in the soil, send a Pushbullet notification to "Water the Plants" to all your devices and email yourself a reminder.

DoT for Geeks -- Hack your own Potions
Netvibes DoT makes it easy for anyone to create and manage Potions on the dashboard. Technical users can switch to advanced mode to write their own Potions from scratch, using Netvibes Programming Language (NPL), a new language based on Javascript but created specifically for the Dashboard of Things.

Dashboard of Things is available immediately at

Sign up for a free account to enable up to 5 Potions at once. For unlimited Potions, upgrade to VIP for just 2EUR per month, or contact Netvibes to learn about Premium Dashboards for Enterprise and Agencies.

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