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October 09, 2014 08:23 ET

Netvibes Introduces Hierarchical Dashboarding to Share Live Analytics and Data Throughout Any Enterprise Organization

Unique Hierarchical Feature Enables Teams to Share Graphs and Visualize Data Across Separate Dashboards to Keep Everyone Continuously Updated

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - October 09, 2014) - Netvibes, the Dashboard of Everything delivering brand monitoring, data analytics and reporting, today announced the latest version of Netvibes for Enterprise (NFE). NFE now enables Hierarchical Dashboarding, a unique feature that allows individuals to share live charts and custom data apps from their own dashboard with the dashboard of their boss or any other dashboard across the organization. Shared charts continue to automatically update using the data sources from the original dashboard, while all updates are pushed to the connected dashboards. Hierarchical Dashboarding empowers workers to monitor the data that matters to them, while easily sharing up-to-date analytics with colleagues across the enterprise.

Enterprises are facing fast-growing amounts of data from a variety of sources-including media, social channels, cloud-based systems and external files-which represent a wealth of opportunity to better understand customers and improve products and business processes. The challenge is how to efficiently analyze the data that matters, uncover key insights, and share that information with workers across the enterprise.

Netvibes' customizable dashboards enable teams to see at a glance all the information that matters to them, combining selected data sources from across the Internet, existing enterprise systems and uploaded files. Netvibes' uniquely intuitive drag-to-compare interface allows non-technical users to ask deep questions of data, creating custom graphs, analyzing brand sentiment and identifying industry trends. Netvibes also supports importing web data or external files for instant analysis of virtually any and all data within the enterprise. With Netvibes, companies can easily visualize the ROI on anything, using the precise metrics that matter to their business.

Introducing Hierarchical Dashboarding
Netvibes' newest feature, Hierarchical Dashboarding enables enterprises to customize unlimited dashboards for each team or individual. Any live chart from one dashboard can be easily shared with another dashboard, enabling both users to monitor the same information. As data is updated, or the original user adds notes and commentary to the chart, all changes are automatically pushed to each connected dashboard.

Hierarchical Dashboarding enables workers at all levels to monitor the information that matters to them, while sharing relevant analytics with coworkers. For example, at ACME Sportswear Worldwide:

  • The VP of Marketing for ACME Shoes and his team share a dashboard that listens to all media and social mentions about ACME shoes. They also monitor competitor mentions and emerging industry trends in shoes.
  • The VP of Marketing for ACME Smartwatches and her team share a dashboard that listens to the online conversation about smartwatches and wearable technology.
  • The CMO's dashboard uses Hierarchical Dashboarding to monitor key charts from the Shoes dashboard, the Smartwatches dashboard and other supporting teams.

Any of these charts can be dragged-and-dropped onto each other to create instant comparison charts. Do Twitter mentions correlate with sales numbers? Does web traffic correlate with media coverage? Dashboard users can ask any question with Netvibes.

Click here for a Quick Look at Hierarchical Dashboarding in action:

"Netvibes for Enterprise is now more than a private Netvibes; it's a Netvibes miming your organization," said Freddy Mini, CEO of Netvibes. "An organization is more than the sum of its team; it's how well those teams work together. Likewise, Hierarchical Dashboarding is more than the sum of dashboards in a company. Netvibes' Hierarchical Dashboarding is syncing knowledge across the whole organization for less meetings, more doing."

Unique Enterprise Dashboard Features, Available Only from Netvibes:

  1. Personal Corpus - Each dashboard is custom designed to listen to the sources selected by that team or individual, delivering noise-free results that save time and enable users to focus on what matters.
  2. MisoData™ - Only Netvibes offers a simple drag-to-compare interface that allows non-technical users to explore data, discover correlations and achieve fast, critical insights.
  3. PushMail™ - Data is updated continuously and automatically, but teams are not always in front of their dashboards. Only Netvibes offers PushMail to deliver automatic email reports to anyone, on any schedule, using custom data and graphs.
  4. Hierarchical Dashboarding - Enterprises can create unlimited, customized dashboards for each team or individual. With a few clicks, any chart from one dashboard can be shared with others. The shared chart continuously updates across all dashboards, making it easy to share information across teams.

Netvibes for Enterprise is available immediately. To learn more or to request a product demo, please contact Netvibes at

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