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Network Instruments

July 11, 2013 10:30 ET

Network Instruments First to Encrypt 10 Gb Traffic at Line-Rate for Data-At-Rest Compliance

GigaStor Provides Seamless, Military-Grade Security for Sensitive Network Monitoring Environments

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Jul 11, 2013) - Network Instruments, a developer of application-aware network performance monitoring (ANPM) solutions, today announced the release of its enhanced line of retrospective network analysis appliances capable of encrypting fully saturated 10 Gb full-duplex links on the fly.

The new GigaStor platform is the first performance monitoring solution on the market capable of encrypting 10 Gb traffic at line rate to disk by employing company-developed silicon-based, industry standard security algorithms. Network teams utilizing the new systems are able to track and validate IT service performance while achieving military-grade security of captured and analyzed data.

"Although retrospective network analysis has become the de facto standard for troubleshooting in the enterprise, it typically generates terabytes of stored, unsecured data that can rightly be considered a source of security and regulatory risk," said Jim Frey, vice president of research for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). "IT teams monitoring sensitive information or impacted by regulations ranging from PCI DSS to HIPAA need to consider solutions such as the new GigaStor that are designed for managing performance of complex, high-speed networks and applications while ensuring the compliance and security of monitoring data."

GigaStor encrypts all traffic with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256 as it is streamed to the RAID array. By utilizing Network Instruments internally engineered hardware-accelerated encryption in conjunction with a custom software stack, the GigaStor keeps pace with torrents of network traffic, greatly enhances security of sensitive data, and never drops a packet. When performing read, write, and analysis functions, there is minimal to zero impact on appliance performance, so its troubleshooting capabilities and the user's experience never suffer.

"GigaStor is the first performance monitoring appliance to provide US Department of Defense compliant levels of security for line-rate data capture and analysis on Gigabit and 10 Gb networks," said Charles Thompson, director of product strategy for Network Instruments. "As the only performance management company developing its own hardware and software, we can warrant that our entire capture and analysis platform achieves high-speed encryption without sacrificing appliance performance."

High-speed encryption is available today for the all GigaStor Portable, GigaStor Upgradeable, and GigaStor Expandable appliances monitoring Gigabit, 10 Gb, and 40 Gb networks.

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