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September 19, 2013 15:00 ET

Network Instruments Introduces New "Matrix" Network Monitoring Switch -- Advanced Tool So Simple It Can Be Set Up in 10 Minutes

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwired - Sep 19, 2013) - Network Instruments®, a developer of innovative network and application performance management solutions, today announced the Network Instruments Matrix Network Monitoring Switch (NMS), an appliance that allows network teams to optimize the flow of traffic from network links to critical performance and security monitoring devices. Marking its first entry into the NMS market, the Matrix NMS allows medium- to large-size enterprises through Global 2,000 companies to maximize the life of monitoring tools, aggregate under-utilized links and more effectively handle increased network bandwidth loads. The new product is scalable and easier-to-use than existing solutions and can be set up and running in just ten minutes.

"The Network Instruments Matrix NMS helps solve monitoring dilemmas faced by time- and cash-strapped IT departments trying to keep up with exploding network bandwidth demand and ever-changing IT environments," said Charles Thompson, director of product strategy for Network Instruments. "The Matrix offers a simple, centralized approach to managing network connections and the flow of traffic to critical monitoring devices -- it acts like a monitoring traffic cop. This unique method allows network managers to quickly set and change traffic policy in a couple of clicks, eliminating multiple configuration steps, such as having to separately configure the ingress point, egress points and filters. The end result is performing any task only takes seconds, freeing up time and keeping networks running smoothly."

According to an April 2012 Gartner research report1, the network monitoring switch market is projected to grow by 30 percent in 2013 to $286 million. "Network monitoring switches are invaluable for teams seeking to prevent critical monitoring infrastructure from being overwhelmed by increased bandwidth usage and the burden of legacy systems," said Bojan Simic, IT Analyst, TRAC Research. "Although there are extremely strong benefits for using network monitoring switches, there are also major obstacles to adoption. Nearly half of the organizations we spoke with indicated the price point of these solutions were too high, while another major barrier cited was a lack of flexible deployment options. Solutions like Network Instruments Matrix mark a major step forward in this space by offering an NMS with an easier-to-use interface, robust feature set, but at a compelling price point." 

In addition to a streamlined configuration process, the Network Instruments Matrix NMS is different from existing NMS solutions due to its extensive number of included advanced features such as de-duplication, advanced filtering, packet trimming and flexible time-stamping, all contained in a single scalable solution.

Network Instruments Matrix NMS features include:

  • All-in-one pricing: Complete traffic management and filtering offering advanced, customized features without additional charges or modules.
  • Simplified set-up and administration: Configuration within 10 minutes with simplified user interface and centralized traffic policy management.
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability: Users can activate only the ports needed to manage the current network environment and add more as they grow.
  • Full-fledged third-party integration: Network teams can manage all aspects of Matrix with external tools via RESTful API.

"While there have been other NMS solutions on the market, Network Instruments saw this as an opportunity to bring what we do best to this product segment," said Douglas Smith, president, CEO and co-founder of Network Instruments. "Our customers have complex jobs and an intricate system of tools to monitor their networking infrastructure. The Matrix is built upon our core expertise of designing purpose-built software and hardware for high-speed network analysis. Utilizing our deep IP experience, we're able to incorporate high-end functionality and components into a custom hardware design rather than placing these features in software only, yielding a faster, more effective solution."

The Matrix 1024 is available and shipping today. The 1U NMS appliance supports up to 24 ports for connecting and monitoring 1 gigabit (Gb) or 10Gb network links. Eight to 24 ports can be activated with the initial purchase. Increments of four ports can be activated as needed. For additional scalability, Matrix units can be daisy-chained to expand beyond 24 ports.

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1 Jonah Kowall and Deborah Curtis, "Vendor Landscape for Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring and Network Packet Brokers," Gartner (April 18, 2012): 20.

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