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EvolvHealth, LLC

January 06, 2010 16:59 ET

Network Marketing Trailblazer Robert Dean, Jr. Joins EvolvHealth

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwire - January 6, 2010) - EvolvHealth, LLC announced today the addition of Robert Dean, Jr., a worldwide leader in the direct selling industry, to its member ranks. Dean, CEO of T.O.P.G.U.N. EXP, is one of the most high-profile network marketers in the business.

"A lot of network marketers talk the talk, but Robert walks the walk," said Trey White, Founder and Chairman of EvolvHealth. "We rarely come across people in the business with his humility, dedication, and tenacity to succeed. Of all the opportunities out there, Robert chose us because he understands that for a direct sales company to be successful, it must have the right product, an experienced management team with a track record of success, and be well capitalized. Robert immediately recognized our strengths in these areas."

EvolvHealth CEO Brent Hicks added, "Robert's T.O.P.G.U.N. team perfectly fits our culture of work ethic, positivity, and desire to help others. They are just great people all around; we couldn't be more pleased."

Dean has earned more than $10 million over his direct selling career and created multiple millionaires among his distributors. His organizations have recruited more than 300,000 independent distributors generating nearly $500 million in sales.

"Our team is so excited about joining this fantastic company," said Dean. "We are blown away by Evolv's perfect mix of compensation plan, product, and management, and have been warmly welcomed by Evolv's corporate and field teams. We are fully committed to our team's success and the long-term success of EvolvHealth. I look forward to taking part in building this future billion-dollar company."

Dean cited EvolvHealth's "...perfect set of circumstances for distributors. The corporate team is top-notch but more importantly has the right intentions. The product is the real deal -- unique, backed by science, and highly consumable. The well-balanced compensation plan is also very important to us. It is highly rewarding to people both new to the business and leaders with a strong built-in long-term residual. Most of all, Evolv is just a great fit for our team."

EvolvHealth has had a stellar track record of recruiting top leaders like Robert Dean. According to White, "Once leaders meet the team and see how well organized we are and the power of our product, they all make the same decision to join Evolv."


Atlanta native Robert Dean, Jr. launched his network marketing career at Tahitian Noni Juice. There he quickly built the number one selling organization. He later moved to MonaVie products, becoming the first African-American distributor to reach the premier level of Black Diamond. Dean has published more than 20 personal development DVDs, CDs, and workbooks, won numerous industry awards, and is committed to mentoring inner-city youth through his program, Millionaire Day. He and several leaders of his team have now officially signed on to become independent distributors, or Members, with EvolvHealth.


EvolvHealth is a consumer health products company, helping people improve their family's physical and financial well-being through science-driven products and entrepreneurial opportunities. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, its flagship product is Evolv, an enhanced water beverage that has been in development for more than 15 years and shown to have multiple health benefits. The product was released in the fall 2009 and is marketed through a network of independent business owners in North America.

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