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Network Monitoring in Transition: Business Opportunities in the Shift to IP/IMS

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Network Monitoring in Transition: Business Opportunities in the shift to IP/IMS

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This is a time of fundamental and monumental change in telecommunications network monitoring. The shift currently happening is nothing less than the wholesale transformation of the entire communications network infrastructure built up over the last generation. There are several forces driving this transformation, including the Internet and the mobile phone. All participants in the market must evolve to survive and adapt to thrive.

This report key questions for service providers, investors and vendors including:

What is the generational shift happening in the network and how will it affect my business?

How does this shift affect OSS / BSS, Network Monitoring and Services?

What new challenges and opportunities are emerging as a result?

Who are the players in the market and how are they positioned relative to the current transition?

What specific steps shall I take as a service provider, investor, or vendor in this space to defend and grow my current market position, aggressively move into a leadership position, and/or invest wisely to bring shareholders dramatic returns.

Carriers: Looking to operationalize and assure networks undergoing transition.

Service Providers: Wanting to bring new services to market and delight subscribers.

Network monitoring vendors: How to compete effectively in the new strategic environment.

Network Equipment Providers: Which integrated capabilities to offer operators to measure, manage and ultimately monetize investments in network infrastructure.

Venture Investors: Which investment and start-up opportunities are created by these changes?

Investment Bankers: As mergers and acquisitions accelerate, which opportunities to look for.

OSS / BSS Software Vendors: Can network monitoring techniques transform offline functions into real-time opportunities?

Independent Software Vendors: What new business and partnering opportunities are created by this transition?

Next Generation Network (NGN) Focus:

Anyone concerned about management during and after the transition from legacy TDM-based networks to NGN IP networks

Anyone involved in the management and operation of next generation network (NGN) technologies and solutions such as IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Service Delivery Platforms (SDP), Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) based networks, and NGN applications based on IP and/or next generation wireless networks

The dual forces of the internet and the mobile phone are transforming the entire communications infrastructure built up over the last generation.

Service providers are consolidating due to the coincident timing of saturation in the mobile market with the decline of the fixed-line Public Switched Telephone Network. This trend will reverse by 2009-2010 as increased revenues from new services and lower barriers to entry attract new entrants.

The new competitive landscape favors service providers who provide an exceptional subscriber experience with new services at a reasonable cost. Network monitoring plays a key role in driving these capabilities.

There are unprecedented opportunities for service providers, vendors and investors alike.


I. The generational shift. 6

What is network monitoring?. 6

Service Assurance. 8

Performance Management. 11

Revenue management. 13

Customer Relationship Management. 16

The eTOM Model. 19

How is this shift from TDM to IP occurring in the network?. 20

New priorities in the network. 21

The all-important `subscriber experience` 21

New Reference points and Protocols. 21

New Services to be monitored. 24

IPTV. 25

Mobile TV. 26

Mobile Content Downloads. 27

Fixed-Mobile Convergence. 27

Mobile Advertising. 27

Email. 27

Why is network monitoring especially important during this shift?. 28

Market Dynamics. 28

Consolidation. 28

Saturation vs. emerging markets. 29

Price/margin erosion. 30

II. The network monitoring market landscape. 31

The Network Monitoring Landscape. 31

Comparative Analysis. 32

Monitoring Solutions-Range. 32

Applications Supported. 33

Completeness of Vision. 34

Ability to Execute. 34

Comparative Performance. 36

Vision, Direction, Business Model, Strategic Activities and Disruptive

Factors. 38

Agilent. 38

Anritsu. 39

Astellia. 40

Brix Networks. 40

Empirix. 41

JDSU. 41

Narus. 42

NetScout. 43

Nexus. 44

Polystar OSIX. 44

Radcom. 45

Tekelec. 46

Tektronix. 47

ZCTT. 48

III. Business Opportunities - Blueprints for Success. 49

Key factors in the evolution of the market. 49

Analysis of existing and emerging business models and associated value

chain. 49

Blueprints for success - how to take advantage of this information. 50

What should Service Providers do now?. 50

What should Vendors do now?. 53

What should Investors do now?. 54


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Network Monitoring in Transition: Business Opportunities in the shift to IP/IMS

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