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April 18, 2012 06:07 ET

NetworkClean Launches Free Beta Service to Safeguard Social Networking Reputation for Facebook Users

Introduces All-in-One, Customizable Account Management Tool at Worldwide IDG/VentureBeat DEMO Conference, Silicon Valley, April 17-19, 2012

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2012) - Social networking sites are a ubiquitous feature in millions of people's daily lives, helping them manage both business and personal relationships, but not without drawbacks. With a few clicks, an individual can potentially ruin another's career, job prospects, educational opportunities and reputation by broadcasting unflattering posts, comments and tags to millions of Internet users, including friends, family and business associates. To try and manage your online reputation in real time is not only a challenge -- but virtually impossible -- until now, with the launch of NetworkClean Beta (, which provides a free tool for Facebook social media users to safeguard their online reputation with ease. "NetworkClean solves a critical need for social media members by placing the control back into the users' hands, enabling them to monitor and protect their own social image around the clock," stated NetworkClean Co-Founder, Doug Haustein.

NetworkClean is a simple-to-use tool that provides powerful results and is easy to install without complicated downloads or bloatware. By simply going to and giving the program permission to connect with their Facebook account, users can be ready to scan their entire history in seconds. NetworkClean scans users' Facebook pages for thousands of words and phrases commonly considered inappropriate. If these phrases appear in relation to a user's name, the user is immediately alerted and presented with a wide range of solutions. Comments can be deleted or ignored, and users can set up universal commands to control how these instances are handled in the future. With numerous customizable settings and an intuitive dashboard interface, users can even add their own search terms, giving them flexible, complete control to monitor their virtual reputation 24/7, even when they are off-line.

In addition to the features described, NetworkClean houses the tools that make it just that more effective by including the "Reputation Visualization" feature, which allows users to see their reputation and trends by providing a comprehensive overview of their virtual presence. With cutting-edge privacy settings, NetworkClean ensures that passwords and data are safe, and can even provide helpful hints on how to make social networking experiences more secure. The "My Info" feature shows users which of their contacts mention them the most, providing useful insight into their social circle and helping them better manage their virtual footprint. NetworkClean services are available in English, Spanish and other major languages, making it easier than ever for social media users to safeguard their social image on a global scale.

In the coming months, NetworkClean will also launch a specialized tool for businesses and corporations to keep on top of their social media buzz. Social media marketing is rapidly becoming a necessary feature of any business, and a damaging comment can easily ruin a company or brand, resulting in negative press and lost revenue. With NetworkClean's automatic alerts and 24/7 scanning, businesses can learn what customers are saying about them and manage negative comments before they go from bad to worse. NetworkClean will provide businesses with the ultimate control over their virtual presence while providing the same flexibility, customization and free services available to individuals.

Social networking sites have their benefits, but a casual comment or picture can quickly get out of hand. Monitoring every personal mention on the wide range of networking sites can be time-consuming and inefficient, and a single oversight can have wide-spread repercussions for individuals, businesses, schools and organizations. Now, everyone can use their social networks with confidence and be back in the driver's seat with NetworkClean.


Set for launch in 2012, NetworkClean is a free social network monitoring service which protects and scans both personal and business Facebook pages, providing instant alerts to users regarding inappropriate content, privacy concerns, security issues and more. Users receive alerts based on customized scan settings and are able to remove unwanted content instantly to protect their online reputation. NetworkClean currently supports Facebook and will be expanding soon to many other social networks, including Twitter and LinkedIn. See more at


NetworkClean was created by passionate entrepreneurs Kishore Mamillapalli and Doug Haustein to help bring peace of mind to the modern social networking experience and seamless online reputation management to the consumer.


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