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January 24, 2006 08:00 ET

NetworkOmni Engages in Industry Leading Partnership to Provide Cutting Edge Training for Cultural Competency in Public Safety

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. & REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(CCNMatthews - Jan 24, 2006) -

NetworkOmni Multilingual Communications (NetworkOmni), a leading provider of oral interpretation, written translation, and language communication solutions, today announced a partnership with Public Safety Training Consultants (PSTC), a leader in instruction and training for the emergency communications field. PSTC and NetworkOmni will now work collaboratively to develop training materials and programs designed to better enable public safety professionals to assist foreign-born and non-English speaking citizens who need emergency assistance.

This new collaboration signals an evolution in how communities and businesses are recognizing the need for language services in general, and cultural sensitivity in particular, in meeting communications needs for users and customers. NetworkOmni continues to lead the way with companies like PSTC to provide specialization as they train public safety dispatchers who support the public by phone, in person, and through Web-based communications.

"This partnership will expand NetworkOmni's efforts to empower those working in emergency communications with the tools they need to produce successful outcomes with callers from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds," said George Ulmer, CEO, NetworkOmni. "Our collaboration with PSTC will therefore allow us to support our public safety clients not only as a language services provider, but also as a trusted advisor on techniques to transcend barriers of language and culture."

NetworkOmni and PSTC will develop training materials and programs that will enable emergency call-takers to handle calls from members of the public who speak languages other than English, or with limited English, in a more effective manner. The end result should lead to greater efficiency in assessing emergency situations and the subsequent dispatch of appropriate services for those in need.

"We are confident that the training protocols we develop with PSTC will become the new industry standard in preparing emergency service personnel to assist diverse communities during high stress situations," concluded Ulmer.

Among the projects in development between the two companies is a training program that teaches emergency staff how to work more effectively when encountering situations where culture and language may substantially impact the communication process. The program also teaches best practices for working with a third-party interpreter over the phone.

"This training is ground-breaking in many ways," said Kevin Willett, Founder and Instructional Coordinator, PSTC. "We are excited about working with NetworkOmni to increase confidence and empower emergency call-takers with the information and practical skills that will help them provide the best service to callers in crisis and ultimately save lives."

A preview of the training will be offered in the form of a joint presentation, "Bridging the Cultural Divide: An Introduction to Cultural Competence in Public Safety," to be delivered on January 24th and 25th at the upcoming conference hosted by the California Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association.

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