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October 01, 2009 11:00 ET

Neuhaus Laboratories Brings iTunes® Music to Life

New Vacuum Tube Amplifier Turns Your Computer Into a Concert Hall

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - October 1, 2009) - A Miami company has developed a stereo vacuum tube amplifier that connects to Windows and Mac computers. The amplifier has a built in digital-to-analog converter so the digital code is sent to the amp in pure digital form and bypasses the poor-quality sound card in the computer. Users just connect from the USB port on the computer to the USB port on the back of the amp. It is truly plug-and-play with no software to load.

"When users connect their computer to the amp, the music on iTunes® comes to life. The T-2 vacuum amplifier gives flat digital music a full soundstage. The music sounds as if the performers are actually performing in the room," said George Golik, company co-founder.

The amplifier uses Vacuum Tubes ( like radios in the old days. Vacuum tubes are still used in high-end guitar and concert amps. Vacuum tubes give music a depth with detail, resolution and dynamics that solid-state transistor amplifiers cannot duplicate. That is especially needed in today's flat digital music from a computer or CD.

Since the amplifier is powered by vacuum tubes there is no complicated connections or user controls. The extra circuits of a solid-state amp are removed, the T-2 Front panel only has volume, power and selector switch. No bass, treble and loudness controls are needed. Vacuum tubes just amplify the pure sound.

The T-2 amplifier can also be connected to a computer through WiFi. Users can have a computer in one room and send the music from iTunes® to the T-2 amplifier on the other side of the house, wirelessly and control the play list from their iPhone® or iPod Touch®.

Since most music is recorded in two channel stereo, the T-2 amp requires only two good quality speakers to deliver the rich stereo sound in the way the performers intended.

The amplifier sells for $795.00 and is available at

For more information, please contact George Golik at or 305-799-1488.

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