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February 09, 2012 15:21 ET

Neuromuscular Physiologist Finds Soft Tissue Injuries in 100% of Concussion Sufferers

Innovative Canadian Treatment Shows Staggering Decrease in PCS Symptoms

GUELPH, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 9, 2012) - While Sidney Crosby's health has been a daily drama for sports fans over the past year, fresh hope of his return to hockey's main stage has surfaced with his new diagnosis of a treatable, soft tissue neck injury. One innovative Canadian physiotherapy clinic is not at all surprised by this new diagnosis, and expects that with appropriate treatment, Crosby should be back in the game quickly.

Terry Moore, a Guelph-based Cardiovascular and Neuromuscular Physiologist states, "While it is unfortunate that it took a year to reach diagnosis, I am pleased that the neurologist in California recognized the soft tissue injury in Sidney Crosby's upper neck. I hope that he will soon be back in the game. As I have treated concussions for over 15 years, I have found that 100% of the individuals treated do have soft tissue injuries in the neck. I therefore feel that there should always be an assessment of the neck to investigate soft tissue (muscular) components."

The multi-disciplinary, soft-tissue based treatment at Guelph's MMTR Health clinic has seen consistent success in dealing with post-concussion symptoms (PCS) similar to Crosby's. "Based on our clinical research over the years working with PCS patients we have been able to delineate specifically which neck muscles are causing which symptoms. In fact, I have found that specific muscles are responsible for many of the symptoms attributed to a concussion" says Moore. "This allows us to individualize each patient's treatment and focus on what specifically is causing their symptoms."

While post-concussion patients aren't immediately out for 5 km runs, says MMTR Health's Clinical Director and physiotherapist Jared Eidt, the clinic's treatments allow them to begin with-and respond to-gentle and mild stretches a lot quicker than traditional treatments, leading to a more rapid recovery and return to work related and sport specific activities.

Eidt says he was shocked by the results they were getting in treating soft-tissue injuries for post-concussion symptoms. In his undergrad studies, working with varsity teams and athletes dealing with concussions, Eidt noted that many athletes had to wait months until their symptoms were gone before getting back into action.

Addressing the multiple concussions sustained by many amateur and professional athletes, Moore advises, "Obviously, the neck muscles are part of what absorb some of the impact to the head. If there are repeated concussions or even minor neck injuries that are not properly treated, the neck muscles cannot absorb as much of the forces being inflicted upon the head and brain, causing more severe symptoms." However, he believes that there is hope for afflicted athletes. "If the muscles are addressed, the concussion symptoms do not result in a cumulative effect and recovery is very rapid."

"The same would be true if the neck muscles were properly prepared as a means of reducing all soft tissue injuries. There should definitely be a standard protocol for all competitive athletes so as to minimize the effect of head and neck injuries," asserts Moore. "While there are improved helmets on the market which I highly recommend, athletes will still sustain neck injuries due to the nature of sports."

Terry Moore, B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD (ABD) and Jared Eidt, BSc. (Hon) HK, MSc. PT, MCPA are available for interview.

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