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December 14, 2010 08:00 ET

Neuxpower Announces Free White Paper on Best Practices for Reducing File Bloat to Reclaim Primary Storage Resources

Leading Analyst Authority Shares Tips for Reducing Microsoft Office and JPEG Files up to 95 Percent for Improved Enterprise Performance, Worker Productivity and Storage Efficiency

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwire - December 14, 2010) - Neuxpower Solutions (, a global leader in file optimization software, today announced the publication of a free white paper that provides best practices for eliminating the challenge of file bloat. The paper, "Effectively Treating the Dreadful Blight of File Bloat," ( written by Marc Staimer, president and CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting, outlines the challenges IT organizations face with bloated files throughout their enterprise and best practices for reducing files sizes for improved enterprise performance, worker productivity and storage efficiency.

"File bloat is an insidious disease infecting all IT organizations' workstations, laptops, and file servers," said Staimer. "Many IT pros have never heard of this digital pandemic and those who have typically down play its seriousness. There is a tendency to believe that hardware technology gains in processing, storage, IO and bandwidth eliminate or mitigate file bloat issues. They're wrong. Make no mistake, file bloat is a bona fide, urgent IT problem and the consequences are severe."

File bloat is a result of files that are much bigger or more bloated than they should be. Bloating can increase file size by as much as 20 times. File bloat is most often seen as an inappropriate choice of image formats, excessive image resolution or large blocks of data unnecessary for normal use of the file. Some of the worst file bloat offenders are JPEG, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files. It can be most noticeable when files are combined or embedded. For example, if a JPEG image is inserted within a PowerPoint presentation, it is almost always stored in a resolution that is much too high.

The free white paper outlines the challenges with typical file bloat workarounds, including deduplication and lossless compression. It then outlines how lossy file optimization can solve challenges faced by typical workarounds and result in file size reductions of up to 95%1.

"Untreated, file bloat can cause a series of serious cascading consequences," said Mike Power, CEO, Neuxpower. "Bigger files translate into slower write and read times, sluggish applications, lost user productivity and exponentially larger primary storage consumption. This free white paper outlines key best practices every IT administrator should follow to prevent these escalating challenges."

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1 Source: NXPowerLite Trident Warrior Experimentation and Results, FORCEnet

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