Nevada Copper Corp.

Nevada Copper Corp.

May 27, 2016 16:37 ET

Nevada Copper Annual Meeting Results

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - May 27, 2016) - Nevada Copper Corp. (TSX:NCU) ("Nevada Copper" or "Company") is pleased to announce the results from its 2016 Annual and Special Meeting (the "Meeting"), held on Friday, May 27th in Vancouver, B.C. Shareholders holding a total of 55,738,326 common shares of the Company attended the meeting in person or were represented by proxy, representing 69% of the total 80,501,458 common shares of the Company outstanding as of the record date. Shareholders voted in favour of all items of business before the Meeting, including the appointment of auditors, the election of all directors and the Pala Convertible Facility.

1. Appointment of Auditor

Smyth LLP was appointed as the Company's auditor and the directors were authorized to fix the auditor's remuneration.

2. Determination of the Number of Directors

The number of directors was determined at nine.

3. Election of Directors

The following persons were elected as Directors of the Company until the next annual shareholder meeting of the Company, with the voting results shown below:

Director Votes For % For Votes Against % Against
Giulio Bonifacio 52,076,966 99.76 126,800 0.24
Victor Bradley 52,076,966 99.76 126,800 0.24
Michael Brown 52,075,966 99.76 127,800 0.24
Lucio Genovese 52,077,166 99.76 126,600 0.24
Stephen Gill 52,077,166 99.76 126,600 0.24
Joseph Giuffre 52,076,966 99.76 126,800 0.24
Evgenij Iorich 52,076,666 99.76 127,100 0.24
Paul Matysek 52,075,466 99.75 128,300 0.25
Bill Myckatyn 52,075,466 99.75 128,300 0.25

4. Pala Convertible Facility

An ordinary resolution to approve the convertible credit facility with Pala Investments Ltd. ("Pala"), as announced in the Company's news release of April 22, 2016, was passed. The ordinary resolution was approved by the shareholders of the Company other than Pala and its affiliates, with the following results:

Disinterested Shareholder Vote Summary

Total Shares Voted
Shares Voted 11,731,575 183,050 0 11,914,625
% 98.5% 1.5% 0% 100%


Giulio T. Bonifacio, President & CEO

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