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October 07, 2014 10:00 ET

Never Be in the Dark When Away From Home With the New link-U Hybrid SmartCam

Dual 3G/4G and LAN Connections Allow Simple, Hassle-Free Home Monitoring From Your Smartphone or Mobile Device; It's Just Like U Being There

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 7, 2014) - Do you know what's happening at home? What if you could keep a close eye on things -- even when you're away? Picture it: You're out to dinner, and you've entrusted your teenage son to look after the house while you enjoy a relaxing evening out. The new link-U Hybrid SmartCam by Link-Union is a video monitoring camera with first-of-its-kind patent pending hybrid technology that connects you to the people you love -- from anywhere. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can check in on your son at home in real time -- in full, interactive HD -- and gain peace of mind. Now available for pre-order on Indiegogo, link-U is different from other IP cameras on the market. It intuitively -- and automatically -- uses either LAN (home network) or 3G/4G connections for easy, 24/7 access without complicated setup and configuration.

Hybrid: Dual Power, Dual Connectivity
Your kids. Your pets. Your elderly parents. Your valuable belongings. When it comes to who and what you really care about link-U ensures that you will never be left in the dark. An easy-to-set-up and maintain smart cam, link-U gives you ultimate flexibility. Internet down? link-U automatically switches to 3G/4G to keep you connected. Want to take your link-U camera where your LAN does not go -- the patio, the park or grandma's house? With link-U you can go anywhere -- and the 3G/4G connectivity keeps the video rolling when you need it. Hybrid also means that link-U comes with two sources of power: standard Power over Ethernet and a backup 8-hour battery.

Trust the Power of Two
According to Founder Andy Benatti, the hybrid nature of link-U is what makes it so unique: "I'm always traveling for business -- so much so that I have more flight hours than some airline pilots. I also have a family, and my travels left me longing for a way to feel closer to my wife, children and elderly mother. I purchased several webcams to connect at home, but router configurations, DDNS problems and invasive firewalls proved to be problematic. link-U was born out of frustration with existing options -- with the hybrid nature of link-U solving connectivity issues. It's also simple to install and configure. Now, I can keep an eye on everyone at home, and my wife feels safer when she is home alone with the kids."

With link-U, there is no need to worry about routers, firewalls or dynamic IP addresses when trying to connect. link-U's 3G/4G and LAN connectivity options work together in harmony to ensure that you get HD video streamed to your phone quickly -- no matter where you are -- or where your link-U is.

Don't Miss a Thing
link-U can alert you to events in real time, or you can review recorded events that have been stored in an internal SD memory card.

For more information, link-U is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo, starting at $99.00 for early backers.

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With a mission to make people closer to what they really care about, San Jose-based Link-Union builds devices that use the latest technologies to keep people connected -- no matter where they are. To learn more, visit or follow link-U on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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