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Nevolution Digital, LLC

June 29, 2011 08:30 ET

Nevolution Launches Windows PC App Store

Makes Finding, Installing and Maintaining Windows Software as Simple as Shopping for Mac and Mobile Apps

WOODLAND HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 29, 2011) - Nevolution ( -- the startup that insists Mac and mobile users shouldn't have all the fun when it comes to finding great software -- today announced the public beta launch of its Avenue™ app store for Windows PC software.

The market for Windows-based software is enormous, given that Microsoft's operating system runs an estimated 90 percent of all the world's desktop and netbook computers. Yet until now, users of these devices have been unable to enjoy the app store experience when shopping for traditional PC software.

Today's launch of Avenue ( is part of the shift towards online distribution of digital content. A recently released report by research firm Gartner Group forecasts that online distribution of all types of PC software will supplant packaged software sales by the end of 2012.

But when it comes to traditional Windows software, the lack of a true app store marketplace has been an obstacle. Shopping online for such software has remained unorganized and unreliable in an environment that Nevolution CEO Matt Smith describes as "a flea market where anarchy reigns."

"While there are plenty of websites that allow Windows PC users to download software, most target only a specific niche or are filled with unscreened and unlicensed product," Smith explained. "Avenue is the first centralized marketplace for all kinds of Windows PC software that's safe and on par with the app store experience enjoyed by Mac and mobile users."

With the Avenue desktop client and online storefront, Windows users no longer have to deal with software boxes, disks or the hassles associated with installation and maintenance. Avenue provides a complete software distribution, acquisition and management ecosystem comparable to the iTunes store, but for the vastly larger Windows marketplace.

"Windows users want an easier way to find and manage software, while software publishers want a more efficient way to distribute their products online," Smith added. "We created Avenue because we reject the notion that the Windows community is somehow not ready for its own full-service app store."

Benefits and features for Windows PC users include:

  • Anywhere access to software that can be installed and maintained on multiple PCs using a single Avenue account.
  • A patent-pending profiling feature that matches software titles with a user's hardware and operating system.
  • Hassle-free software installation and maintenance including automatic updates.
  • Robust community engagement -- users can post and browse software reviews sorted by title, publisher and genre.
  • One-stop shopping for a wide range of software (productivity, graphics, gaming, entertainment, etc.).
  • Fast performance -- the Avenue client requires just 5 MB of disk space and can operate on just about any Windows PC without hogging resources or slowing performance.

Benefits and features for Windows developers/publishers include:

  • Access to a comprehensive new marketplace for reaching users of all genres of Windows PC software.
  • An elegantly simple Web-based distribution portal that enables sellers to go live and make products available for sale less than an hour after signing up.
  • Real-time app store analytics and sales data.
  • Higher profits -- suppliers have the freedom to set their own prices while taking home 75 percent of each sale.

In addition to the Avenue online app store and developer/publisher portal, Nevolution is preparing to launch a licensed, turnkey app store platform for large software publishers, digital content creators and hardware manufacturers that want to create their own private-label storefront.

At launch, Avenue's catalogue has more than 100 popular titles, with additional software added daily. It includes premium freeware from Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera and other leading providers, as well as premium paid software from a growing list of international partners including Iceberg Interactive (Netherlands), 1C Company (Russia), N3V Games (Australia), IObit (China) and TOPICS Entertainment (USA).

"Windows publishers have been waiting for a better way to digitally distribute their products, and thanks to Nevolution the wait is over," said Max Cowsert, director of publishing at TOPICS Entertainment. "Avenue will give Windows consumers a superior app store experience while giving publishers of all sizes the tools they need to reach a wider audience."

To celebrate the launch, Nevolution is offering a Rewards Program that gives registered users and each new customer they refer a matching store credit. When a new customer makes his/her first purchase, both get $2.50 deposited into their personal Avenue account. There is no limit on how many new customers a user can refer, which means there's no limit on how much store credit may be earned. Avenue's contact importing feature can help users accumulate credits with just a few keystrokes by automatically sending an invitation to friends on Facebook, as well as contacts in Outlook, Gmail and other popular email platforms. The average price for premium software in the Avenue store is around $30, which means a single $2.50 referral credit translates (on average) into a nearly 10% discount.

Visit to sign up and begin experiencing the future of Windows PC software distribution.

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Nevolution LLC was founded in 2009 to make the marketplace for Windows-based PC software as simple and easy to use as the marketplace for Mac and mobile applications. The company's Avenue desktop client and online storefront provide Windows consumers with a superior way to discover, acquire and maintain software, while its Web-based distribution portal provides publishers with a superior way to distribute their products digitally. Nevolution is headquartered in Woodland Hills, California. More information is available at and

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