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July 10, 2015 10:01 ET

New 24-Hour Virtual Veterinarian Service Now Available in Bay Area

Pet Owners Can Reduce Stress and Save Time With Vet24seven Mobile App

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 10, 2015) - Pet owners in the Bay Area are the first in the nation to have a unique new virtual veterinarian service, Vet24seven, available from their mobile device.

Vet24seven is a free mobile app that provides access via live video or chat to the area's leading veterinarians. It aims to save owners a lot of worry, time and money.

"The Vet24seven mobile app is ideal for situations that every pet owner faces -- when we see a behavior or symptom that is concerning, but due to today's busy lifestyles, can't get into the veterinarian's office right away. Vet24seven gives the pet owner a chance to consult with their veterinarian, or an available veterinarian in the Vet24seven network if they don't have one, to help them decide what to do. It provides peace of mind for the animal owner when they need it the most," explained Dr. Ed Blach, a veterinarian and co-founder of Vet24seven.

He added, "Also, many pet owners worry about the stress that a veterinary visit causes their animal and prefer to use Vet24seven's live video consult to ask their veterinarian if a clinic visit is necessary, and if so, when it should occur."

As part of its due diligence, Vet24seven surveyed nearly a thousand pet owners in the counties of San Francisco, Alameda, Santa Clara and San Mateo and learned that there is a high demand for virtual veterinary consultations in the Bay Area. Top reasons pet owners cited are that busy lifestyles can prevent office visits in a timely manner, pets often get stressed by doctor visits, and it can be difficult to transport some pets to an office visit.

With Vet24seven, owners can get immediate personal consultations for domestic pets, larger animals such as horses or cows, and exotic pets like birds and iguanas.

Pet owner, Jo Hultquist, who is a Vet24seven user, says it's an extremely valuable tool, "My cat, Leo, was recently diagnosed with diabetes. We value Vet24seven as a tool to communicate with the veterinarian as we learn to do things like inject insulin and manage his diet. I think this app is very convenient and will be highly popular. The most important thing is that it can provide immediate comfort for concerned pet owners like me."

The Vet24seven app for pet owners can be downloaded to an Apple iPhone from the Apple App Store, and the Android version of the app will be available later in 2015. Pet owners simply create their pet's profile, pair their animal with their veterinarian of choice, select the level of urgency, and choose whether they want a live video or chat consultation. Photos and videos can also be uploaded, and consultation documents will be stored in the Vet24seven cloud and accessible via a smartphone. The average cost of a 10-minute consultation is expected to range between $40 and $60. The specific consultation fee is set by the selected veterinarian and is expected to be significantly lower and more convenient than the average in-office visit.

Dr. Blach says Vet24seven also offers huge benefits to veterinarians, who can increase patient outreach between visits, and also improve care.

"The veterinarians we spoke to believe the Vet24seven app will be useful for triage, routine assessment, post-surgery follow-up and also chronic or hospice care," Blach stated.

CEO and co-founder of Vet24seven, Cal Lai, stated, "We developed the Vet24seven app to bring veterinary care to the on-demand consumer economy, where the desire for instant interaction and convenience are key drivers. In today's always-connected environment, there is a true need for apps that provide immediacy and fast response. Pet owners want to connect with their doctor and get answers to their animal health concerns quickly and conveniently, which is what the Vet24seven app allows them to do. We expect to roll out the program nationally within the next eighteen months."

The Vet24seven app has two turnkey versions -- one for pet owners and one for veterinarians. Pet owners and veterinarians wanting more information about Vet24seven can visit

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Vet24seven is an on-demand virtual veterinary service developed by veterinarians for veterinarians and pet owners. It provides animal owners with local veterinarian consultations via their mobile device from veterinarians in the Vet24seven network to address medical or behavioral issues, general questions and advice. More information is available at

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