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October 28, 2015 16:45 ET

New Acquisitions Encourages Employees to Participate in National Networking Events

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Oct 28, 2015) - New Acquisitions employees recently ventured to Dallas, TX for a leadership conference which would give new managers an opportunity to network with and learn from top executives in the country for marketing, public relations, and leadership strategies. National Operations Director, Zack Schuch, attended the conference as one of the key note speakers. Networking opportunities, like this one, are just one of the many ways that New Acquisitions trains new managers to ensure the company's and the individual's long-term success.

At the Dallas Leadership Summit, Schuch spoke on the merits of building a strong team and upholding an energetic, positive company culture. He addressed issues that new managers might face from choosing the right people to work with to holding themselves and employees accountable for their actions and daily attitude. By sharing his positive experiences while working as the National Director of Operations at New Acquisitions, Schuch hopes that employees looking to build a career in management with the company will be able to apply his words to their daily routine in order to make New Acquisitions' leadership run smoothly and efficiently.

Like many companies that develop management from within, New Acquisitions believes that the best leaders and managers are the individuals who have had to start at the bottom and work their way to the top. In an interview with Jim Sinegal, the founder, chairman, and former longtime CEO of Costco, The Motley Fool recently explored the idea that companies with in-house management training systems have a large success rate and corporate culture by implementing "succession planning." Sinegal asserted, "We would never dream of hiring a manager for one of our Costcos from outside the company. It has to be somebody who has worked their way up in our system." By training career-minded and goal-oriented individuals through the company's in-house management development program, New Acquisitions believes that their company will have long term success. Utilizing strategies from organizations such as Costco that develop their top executives from within, New Acquisitions really understands the ins-and-outs of the business from productivity management to maintaining company culture.

In his article, "Should You Really Always Promote from Within Your Company?," Paul Spiegelman weighs the pros and cons of internal development programs like those of companies such as Proctor and Gamble. Overall, he concluded that internal employee development, like the system found at New Acquisitions, is superior due to higher employee retention and a lower failure rate overall. Spiegelman asserted, "A culture of advancement also encourages team members to work harder, which boosts productivity, fosters innovation, cultivates loyalty and keeps employees focused on business goals."

New Acquisitions utilizes a mutually beneficial business growth strategy for their company and employees. Employees have the opportunity to build a career with the company, the New Acquisitions team is more engaged in company goals and performance. Additionally, the company also invests in its employees by offering paid training and networking opportunities such as the Dallas Leadership Summit where New Acquisitions associates may develop professionally.

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