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November 07, 2008 09:13 ET

New acquisitions in Quebec for GENIVAR Income Fund

    MONTREAL, Nov. 7  - The GENIVAR Income Fund ("GENIVAR") is
pleased to announce the acquisition of three consulting engineering firms: Les
Consultants GENIPLUS Inc. ("GENIPLUS"), Nageco Inc. ("Nageco") and Consumaj
Estrie Inc. ("Consumaj Estrie"). GENIPLUS specializes in structural
engineering and bridge infrastructure; Nageco works in municipal
infrastructure and structural engineering, while Consumaj Estrie specializes
in municipal infrastructure, civil engineering and environment. GENIPLUS and
Nageco are based in Montreal, and Consumaj Estrie in Sherbrooke. The three
firms have a total of 25 employees.
    "GENIPLUS and Nageco have been working in partnership for several years
and bring to GENIVAR their solid expertise in structural engineering and
bridge infrastructure. These sectors will remain in great demand in the coming
years because of the continuing investment by various levels of government and
municipalities," noted Pierre Shoiry, President and Chief Executive Officer of
GENIVAR. "GENIPLUS has an impressive, 68-year history in consulting
engineering. It has been involved in major projects in Montreal, including the
Metropolitan Autoroute, the Place des Arts, the Complexe Desjardins, and more
recently, the Grande Bibliothèque," added Mr. Shoiry.
    The two companies have a solid, loyal client base, in both the public and
private sectors. Their major clients include several boroughs of the City of
Montreal, the cities of Cherstey, Saint-Donat and Rawdon, the Montreal School
Commission, the Quebec Ministry of Transportation, Hydro-Québec, Place des
Arts, Industrial Alliance, the Mouvement des caisses Desjardins and several
oil companies.
    GENIVAR has also acquired Consumaj Estrie, a firm established in
Sherbrooke in 2004. "We are extremely happy to welcome Consumaj Estrie into
GENIVAR. This acquisition will enable us to complete our network covering all
of Quebec's regions," said Mr. Shoiry. "This new firm will allow us to gain a
foothold in the Eastern Townships and to develop our platform in this region
to offer our full range of professional services in engineering and
environment," concluded Mr. Shoiry.
    The clients of Consumaj Estrie include the City of Sherbrooke, the
Township of Orford, the cities of Granby, Cowansville and Farnham, as well as
a number of developers in the Eastern Townships.
    "Joining GENIVAR will give us access to larger projects and, at the same
time, will respond to the increasing needs of our clients for a full range of
services in consulting engineering," explained the firms' leaders, François
Charbonneau of GENIPLUS, Pierre Nadon of Nageco and Yves Cossette of Consumaj
Estrie. "The entrepreneurial culture and dynamism of GENIVAR are an excellent
match for our respective approaches to business, and our employees will be
able to develop their skills and improve their career opportunities," they

    About GENIVAR

    GENIVAR is a leading Canadian Engineering Services firm providing private
and public sector clients with a comprehensive range of professional
consulting services through all execution phases of a project including
planning, design, construction and maintenance. Clients fall into various
market segments such as building, industrial and power, municipal
infrastructure, transportation and environment. GENIVAR is one of the largest
Engineering Services firm in Canada with more than 3,300 managers,
professionals, technicians and technologists and support staff in more than 80
offices in Canada and internationally.

Contact Information

  • Pierre Shoiry, President and Chief Executive
    Officer, GENIVAR Income Fund, (514) 340-0046, ext. 5104; Marlène Casciaro,
    Director of Communications, GENIVAR Income Fund, (514) 340-0046, ext. 5184;
    François Charbonneau, Eng., Les Consultants GENIPLUS Inc., (514) 273-3147;
    Pierre Nadon, Eng., Nageco Inc., (514) 273-3147; Yves Cossette, Eng., Consumaj
    Estrie Inc., (819) 562-8888