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October 07, 2014 13:47 ET

New Age Marketing, Inc., Is Weighing In on Employee Appreciation and Motivation

CHARLESTON, WV--(Marketwired - Oct 7, 2014) - A recent article in the Wall Street journal highlights how manager's and employers seek to motivate their employees -- catching the attention of New Age Marketing.

While it's understood that one of the many roles of an employer or manager is knowing how to motivate one's employees to work efficiently, while ensuring the maintenance of high morale, many employers fall short of getting the job done well. This is a precarious balancing act that has a lot of employers and managers scratching their heads in confusion. Their employees are not producing the results needed and seem to be absolutely miserable whilst being unproductive. This is good for neither the employee nor the business and its ownership/management.

This article suggests that a lot of employers believe the promise of promotion and salary increase will motivate their employees to work harder, smarter, and more effectively. Unfortunately, many employers have found just the opposite to be the case. While there are some individuals, usually people in positions of leadership, are motivated and encouraged by promises of advancement, most feel that a promotion, while increasing their income, will bring much more responsibility and of course a larger work load.

So, how should employers motivate their employees, if not with the promise of more money? The Wall Street Journal suggests that employers might increase morale and drive motivation through words of encouragement, tokens of appreciation, and even thank-you notes.

This article has caught the attention New Age Marketing, who can't agree more. In a statement to the press they affirmed their stance saying, "Sometimes it's a 'thank you' or a 'job well done,' a pat on the back or a gas card, goes a long way in making sure that production and morale stay high." However, New Age Marketing doesn't stop there, and goes on to note some of the specific rewards it offers to its employees. "Whether it's all expense trips to Puerto Rico; Dallas, Texas; Jamaica, or conferences, our employees enjoy the opportunity to travel for a job well done. We regularly give bonuses, such as cash, televisions, or dinners, to our staff members who go above and beyond."

New Age Marketing stands behind its original ideals of fostering a family like atmosphere in the work place and postulates this culture as being the reason for their continued success. "Individual rewards not with-standing, we enjoy spending time as a team and come together outside of work weekly for 'team night.' These gatherings of our employees after hours have been known to include bowling, high-speed go cart racing, golf, even box seats at sporting events."

New Age Marketing and their managers are convinced that continuing to develop their employee's personal growth and team spirit will take them into the best fourth quarter the company has seen yet.

New Age Marketing is a full-service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in new client acquisitions through face-to-face in-store promotions on behalf of its clients' products and services. The company was founded in 2014 in Charleston, West Virginia, to work primarily for local businesses and entertainers. Today, the company has expanded its client portfolio drastically in just a short amount of time, and maintains a tier-1 client list that includes nationally recognized electronics, entertainment, and luxury satellite brands. New Age Marketing is also noted for its employee benefits programs and career development strategies.

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