August 27, 2015 09:00 ET

New App Reinvents "How Are You?" for iPhone

YouHue, the Social Mood Tracking App, Launches in App Store

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - August 27, 2015) - YouHue, the first dedicated "mood sharing" app for iPhone, launched today as a free download on the App Store. Unlike traditional mood trackers, YouHue is engineered to be social.

YouHue gives meaning back to the throwaway question, "How are you?" by turning an empty, polite obligation into a meaningful connection. Scientifically designed and beautifully constructed by the award-winning development team at Fueled, YouHue is built with the goal of effectively and meaningfully asking, "How are you?"

YouHue was constructed with thorough attention to detail. Stunningly beautiful and modern, YouHue is delightful. Its simplicity is carefully and intentionally crafted, capitalizing on the YouHue team's background in mobile app development and academic human psychology. With a gorgeous, flat design and stunning animations, YouHue asks "How are you?" with a sincerity that succeeds in giving meaning to the notoriously hollow greeting -- what linguists refer to as a "phatic expression."

With YouHue, you can ping friends in a fun and casual way, without the inefficiency of traditional chat messaging. A Facebook friend simply asks you for your mood and you can select from one of nine beautifully-illustrated moods -- Happy, Excited, Romantic, Calm, Meh, Confused, Sad, Stressed, and Angry -- each rendered in a corresponding color. Once a mood is chosen, you can add up to 500 characters of context and, with a tap, share with select friends.

The team sought to bring to life an app that could simply, accurately, and fully capture a person's current mood -- mirroring it back to them in a way that is immersive, resonant, and has the beneficial effect of making the user feel understood. And rather than program the app to artificially display "How are you," YouHue encourages friends to engage in genuine human discourse.

YouHue Founder Ammar Khan said, "YouHue helps users keep in touch with their friends by revitalizing and humanizing the most unremarkable of questions: 'How are you?' We designed YouHue to be beautiful and to tap into an individual's basic motivations to connect, express, reciprocate kindness, and feel heard. As a result, the free YouHue app is the best way on a mobile device to share your status and show your friends you care."

YouHue is available for free download today on the iOS App Store. For more, visit

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