RallyEngine Inc

RallyEngine Inc

April 24, 2013 11:12 ET

New App Tool Modernizes the Call-Tree and Mobilizes Crisis Communications

Recent tragic events highlight the importance that organizations be prepared to locate and alert their people in a crisis

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - April 24, 2013) - The Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent massive manhunt was a stark reminder of how quickly tragic events can unfold and how widespread the damage and disruption can be. Disasters - both natural and manmade - refocus priorities and highlight the systems that governments, companies, organizations, and families have in place to manage them. And like Sandy or Newtown or West, communication is always a vital factor.

Organizations must be prepared to locate, alert, and even rally their people - whether they're spectators, volunteers, staff, officials, residents, or other groups. Mobile technology can play a powerful role in facilitating this.

RallyEngine® is a new app-based communications system for organizations with dispersed or mobile teams and workforces. Administrators can immediately share important information to whole groups or to members with specific roles, skills, or whereabouts.

"Using the web-based dashboard and mapping tool, organizations can quickly access people in key locations with critical skills and assets, and communicate with them," explained RallyEngine Technical Director, Tom Muir. "Information goes directly to members' iOS, Android, and Blackberry smartphones in the form of push notifications, location data, and case newsfeeds, keeping team members organized and up-to-date."

RallyEngine was developed by Calgary-based Strut Creative and it is the technology powering CodeSearch, an initiative launched last November by the Missing Children Society of Canada, police forces, and various corporate partners to more quickly assemble localized search parties when a child goes missing.

It is also being deployed privately for humanitarian disaster response, as well as for non-crisis applications like event management, crew scheduling, corporate communications, and election campaigns.

Added Marketing and Sales Director Steve Hardy: "In contrast to traditional and social media, RallyEngine provides organizations with a quiet communications channel. It can be used for regular operations or simply be on standby for emergencies. Sometimes, like last week, just getting a real-time and location-specific show-of-hands that everyone is okay is useful enough."

About RallyEngine®

RallyEngine® is a powerful and streamlined communications system for real-time engagement with a mobile team or dispersed population. Whether used as a crisis communications tool, or for day-to-day internal communications, RallyEngine lets organizations and corporations instantly locate team members, and instantly provide critical information to hard-to-reach people.

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