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June 27, 2011 09:01 ET

New Applicant Tracking System from Halogen Software Bridges Recruitment With All Other Talent Functions

With Halogen eRecruitment ™, Halogen Software is the first talent management market leader to deliver a complete, organically-built talent management suite

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - June 27, 2011) -SHRM Annual Conference, Booth 1855

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Halogen Software today unveiled Halogen eRecruitment™, the first applicant tracking system (ATS) to fully integrate the recruiting process with all other talent management programs. Halogen eRecruitment is designed from the ground up to strategically leverage all the important functions of talent management including job description management, on-boarding, performance, learning, succession, compensation, talent profiles and more. Available next month, Halogen Software's new additional module also makes the company the first of the market leaders to deliver a complete, organically-built talent management suite.(1)

Halogen eRecruitment provides all the features of a traditional ATS, including job requisitions and posting, career site integration, pre-screening, application workflow, hiring manager portals, EEOC compliance, reporting, analytics and more. But more importantly, it addresses some of the common business problems associated with conventional applicant tracking systems.

Today, hiring managers, recruiters and HR deal with multiple user interfaces, redundant data, resume overload and no ability to align their recruitment strategy to organizational goals. They are also challenged with multiple sets of competencies and job descriptions, disconnected workflow and no effective way to find or manage internal candidates. Because disparate systems are used to on-board, train and develop new hires, quality of hire metrics are too narrowly focused on annual appraisal scores. These problems, which derive from maintaining talent programs and systems in silos, result in high dissatisfaction with ATSs. In fact, talent acquisition systems have a 4% lower satisfaction rating as compared to the average customer satisfaction rating of all talent management modules.(2)

Organically Built Efficiencies

Halogen eRecruitment gives managers, recruiters and HR one single, familiar interface to work from. They can easily manage all their talent management tasks – including recruiting - from their own personalized home page. This efficiency and ease of use are hallmarks of Halogen Software's suite, and the core benefits repeatedly noted by customers.

"Halogen is a rare breed, indeed. They are working with us, their clients to continue producing some really stellar modules. With Halogen eRecruitment the company is truly considering the requirements of a diverse customer base to develop a system that matches our needs, versus a system that presents bells and whistles, yet does not produce a useful end result," said Judy Hummel, Regional HR Manager, Transcore.

Because Halogen eRecruitment is tightly and seamlessly linked to the entire Halogen Talent Management Suite, there's one set of job descriptions and competencies, and one unified workflow. Recruiters now have one central place to manage both internal and external candidates as well as all their activities. They can see at a glance the status of every job posting, all candidates for a position and their ratings, and more.

HR only needs to manage one set of competencies and one set of job descriptions across recruitment, performance, succession, and learning functions. Job requisitions are automatically generated based on the job descriptions that are managed in the suite – this means the all important competency data and job specific data always contains the most relevant and up to date information for attracting and screening applicants. But most importantly, it means that now, every talent management touch point – from recruitment to retirement - serves to reinforce the organization's culture and values.

Improved Internal Mobility and Retention

Halogen Software's distinctive search capability allows recruiters to search for qualified candidates from either external or internal sources, easily add internally-sourced candidates to job requisitions and invite them to apply - enhancing internal mobility. This capability supports efforts to improve retention of top talent, which is a critical consideration for leading companies.

Talent acquisition thought leaders Elaine Orler and Mark McMillan, partners at Talent Function elaborate: "With a growing focus on retaining top talent, internal and external recruiting need to be completely integrated, and internal and external candidate types need to be seamlessly combined in the talent pool for a given position," said Orler. "Recruiters should be empowered to search the employee population in order to identify qualified candidates, and performance data as well as the employee's career aspirations should be made available to the recruiting team. This cohesive link between talent acquisition and talent management systems is critical to retention, and we're impressed by how well Halogen Software has addressed this with Halogen eRecruitment," added McMillan.

Better Quality of Hire

Halogen eRecruitment also goes beyond simple performance metrics to take quality of hire metrics to the next level. HR leaders can collate and compare based a broad set of data - such as source of hire, competency ratings, progress on goals, performance appraisal ratings, education level, educational institution, hiring manager, recruiter, etc. - to easily identify the best hiring sources. Not only does this bring greater insight and richness to quality of hire metrics but it drives efficiency and savings.

"As a talent focused organization we are looking for a system that can communicate with the other talent management tools we use while enabling us to measure how new hires are performing," says Lara Parker-Edson, HR Recruiter/Generalist, Hudson Health Plan. "We like that Halogen eRecruitment is designed to link to other Halogen products to provide quality of hire metrics that can be used to evaluate our hiring sources and ensure we take the most cost-effective approach."

Brilliant On-Boarding Experience

Halogen eRecruitment raises the bar for new hire experiences because the appropriate on-boarding activities, learning and development programs and goal setting are all auto-generated as part of the process, based on the job description, setting new employees up for success from day one.

Halogen Software will be showcasing Halogen eRecruitment and the rest of the company's award winning talent management suite at Booth 1855 at the SHRM Annual Conference this week. To view an introductory product tour of Halogen eRecruitment visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGi_khjp2xI

About Halogen Software

Halogen Software is recognized as a market leader by industry analysts and is strongly endorsed by the thousands of HR professionals who use their Talent Management solutions. The company offers a complete suite of web-based products that automate, simplify and integrate performance appraisals, 360 degree feedback, compensation management, succession planning, job descriptions and learning management and recruitment. Halogen's offering makes HR best-practices accessible to companies of all sizes and its healthcare, education, manufacturing, public sector, hospitality, financial services and professional services specific suites meet the unique needs of these industries. Halogen is consistently recognized by the industry and its customers for its exceptional implementation and support services, and has won multiple awards for its corporate leadership and product innovation, including HR Technology Product of the Year. For more information, visit http://www.halogensoftware.com. Subscribe to Halogen Software's Employee Performance and Talent Management blog http://www.halogensoftware.com/blog/ or follow Halogen on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/HalogenSoftware.

(1) Gartner: The Talent Management Suite Market Emerges cites Halogen as the only vendor from its Leaders Quadrant for Employee Performance Management Software having built each of its talent management modules

(2) Bersin and Associates: Talent Management Systems Customer Satisfaction 2011

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