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February 03, 2014 08:51 ET

A New Approach to Corporate Wellness Takes Root With Launch of Cultivate by Standard Process

PALMYRA, WI--(Marketwired - February 03, 2014) - Building on a rich history in whole food supplements, Standard Process today launched a new business unit to help improve employee wellness, organizational efficiencies and the financial bottom line for companies through onsite wellness centers led by chiropractors.

Cultivate by Standard Process will be the first company of its kind that combines an onsite chiropractic professional as a part of an organization's wellness offering. This expert serves as the point person in providing core elements of an effective wellness program to all employees, including the physical activity, nutritional, supplemental and health education.

The concept of a dedicated, onsite professional is designed to drive innovation in corporate wellness. It will address both the ongoing battle of increased health care costs for employers while also supporting long-term health benefits for employees.

"The rising costs of healthcare and employee wellness are top of mind topics for executives across all industries," said Jerry Curtin, president / general manager of Cultivate by Standard Process. "Through Cultivate and an onsite chiropractic expert, organizations of all sizes can realize tremendous employee and company benefits."

The scalable Cultivate offering has been developed based on 10 years of implementation of the exact foundational pieces of the program at the Standard Process headquarters in Palmyra, Wis.

Corporate Wellness Benefits

Over this time period, the company's overall health score, based on seven key categories, improved nine bases points from benchmarked averages. By focusing on key areas of nutrition, education, and onsite expertise, the average cost of healthcare claims of participants in the program was reduced annually by approximately $13,000 per employee, or nearly 45 percent.

Participating employee short-term disability costs decreased some 24 percent over ten years. Injury rates across the company are consistently among best in class, and turnover rate of employees, over the course of 10 years, was reduced to less than three percent.

Among other key corporate wellness findings, 60 percent of employees in the program had perfect attendance at work over the ten-year period, helping to provide stability to the growing company. Hospital, procedural and drug costs also decreased by 12 percent per participant. 

Employee Wellness Metrics

Yet beyond the financial and corporate wellness findings of the program, employee health also saw dramatic improvement.

Of participants, a cumulative seven-percent reduction in blood sugar levels was found over the course of the study. Participants saw healthy levels of cholesterol (HDL) increase 12 percent on average, while at the same time non-healthy LDL levels reduced by 11 percent, two leading indicators of cardiovascular and diabetic health.

"What we learned at Standard Process over 10 years is when employees have plans in place, they become more productive, happier which can translate at home into a healthier lifestyle," said Curtin.

Cultivate has launched several pilot programs with mid- to large-sized organizations, incorporating scalable, onsite chiropractic offerings into the work day.

Why Onsite Chiropractic Matters

At the core of Cultivate by Standard Process is the importance of having an onsite chiropractor that both understands the human body and can serve as an overall wellness expert. 

In its experience with other corporate wellness programs, Cultivate found that most organizations vary in their level of nutritional and health educational programs. Yet none incorporate the element of an onsite advocate for both employees and the company that is focused on building a culture of wellness.

"Chiropractors, unlike trainers or nutritionists, typically have a greater depth of knowledge about the human body," added Curtin, who also serves as the head of human resources at Standard Process, where he played a very hands-on role in the 10-year trial period. "Having these professionals onsite brings an added level of trust and accountability to employees."

As a part of Cultivate, organizations can register for a general wellness assessment to learn how a program could benefit its employees. Upon completion, the company works with existing human resource and wellness teams to develop scalable wellness and nutritional programs, along with consistent metrics to gauge program effectiveness.

Cultivate by Standard Process is available for organizations of all sizes and industries. The company is adding team members and chiropractors to support the growing program.

The company will launch a new interactive savings calculator on its website in the coming months, allowing business leaders to gauge potential cost savings from the program.

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Cultivate is the new corporate wellness offering of Standard Process, the manufacturer of whole food supplements that for more than 80 years has help provide specific, nutritional support for the entire body.

Cultivate works to assess and then deliver scalable wellness solutions to impact individual employees and the overall company using onsite chiropractic as a central component of the program. To learn more, visit 

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