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July 24, 2012 09:03 ET

New Austin Healey Website Goes Live-Brent Westland

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - July 24, 2012) - Austin Healey lovers now have a new resource to share their passion for this gem of a car. A new site,, has been released by an Austin Healey enthusiast Brent Westland eager to impart his wealth of knowledge about this classic automobile.

Sports cars are not just for the rich and famous according to Brent Westland.

"There were affordable models being built for the average person who wanted a bit of fun and the Austin Healey was a prime example of this," he says. "I'm extremely passionate about this wonderful, inexpensive weekend car and set up this website in order to share my knowledge and inform people about how it came into existence and developed over time."

The production of the Austin Healey in the 1950s coincided with growing popularity of racing cars at the time. Brent Westland says that car enthusiasts wanted to go fast but without having to make a huge investment and this is what the Austin Healey range offered.

The new site provides detailed information about the history of the Austin Healey, its parts, engine size and cost. The car came into existence through a joint venture between the Healey Motor Company and the Austin branch of the British Motor Company. Several models of Healey's were produced before the partnership came to an end in 1972.

Made in England, the Austin Healey was designed with no top, without windows on the doors or door handles and just a removable front windshield to keep the cost to a minimum. Consequently, these cars had to be kept indoors or undercover to protect them from the elements, and as a result many have survived the test of time. This makes it easier for Healey enthusiasts to restore this vintage car as many are in good condition to start with.

"Sharing parts was common among British car companies at that time. Nearly all spare parts came from the parts bin of the British Motor Company, making it less expensive to maintain the Austin Healey," explains Westland "As an example; many of the parts used on the MG Midget of 1961 could be used to restore the Austin Healey."

There are still parts being manufactured for this motor vehicle, and it's not hard to find brand new original parts.

If you want to find out more about this delightful car, then visit the Brent Westland site at There is no membership fee and all the information is available free. Brent Westland's passion for this 2-seater classic is clear. It's a simple, insightful blog that offers factual knowledge to any car enthusiast.

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