September 22, 2015 13:28 ET

New B2B Report Highlights Latest Lead Generation Trends

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 22, 2015) - The majority of B2B marketers today prioritize generating high-quality leads over generating a high volume of leads, according to new findings from the 2015 B2B Lead Generation Report.

The report, conducted by the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn and sponsored by BrightTALK, surveyed 600+ marketers to understand the latest challenges, trends, and best practices in lead generation.

For 68% of participants, increasing the quality of leads is the top priority, followed by increasing lead volume (55%). This appears to be a solid win for quality in the persistent debate over quality versus quantity leads.

Marketers ranked webinars, SEO, and email marketing among the top five 'very effective' tactics for lead generation.

Other notable findings include:

  • 61% of respondents cite lack of resources (staffing, budget, or time) as the biggest barrier to lead generation success
  • LinkedIn is rated the most effective social media platform for lead generation
  • 58% of marketers say their lead generation budget will increase in the coming year

"The findings in the 2015 B2B Lead Generation Report will help busy B2B marketing professionals inform their marketing plans, campaigns, and budget allocations," said Holger Schulze, founder of the B2B Marketing Technology Community, who conducted the study.

"This report offers an inside perspective on the current state of B2B lead generation, along with an exciting look at what's next," said Meghan Weinreich, BrightTALK's Marketing Campaign Manager. "Marketers should utilize the findings from this report as a resource for mapping out their strategies for Q4 and 2016."

Results from the survey will be discussed in a webinar roundtable on Thursday, September 24th at 10am PDT, with five panelists from leading lead gen organizations, including:

  • DeAnn Poe, DiscoverOrg
  • Ben Swinney, Entrust
  • Dale Underwood, LeadLifter
  • Sue Yanovitch, IDG Enterprise
  • Dallas Jessup, BrightTALK

The panelists will analyze and discuss the top lead generation trends and themes as revealed by the report during the webinar.
Register for the roundtable here.