BC Health Coalition

February 26, 2011 23:09 ET

New B.C. Premier's Silence on Public Health Care Troubling, says Health Coalition

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 26, 2011) - The failure of new premier Christy Clark to respond to a January 25th letter asking for her position on two specific questions regarding health care should be of concern to British Columbians, says the B.C. Health Coalition.

The letter focused on two current areas of concern: the introduction last spring of $29.40 per day hospital user fees for so-called "convalescent care" patients, and the growth of private, for- profit medical and surgical clinics in B.C.

"We are troubled that Clark did not see fit to respond and outline how she would work to ensure the ongoing universality and accessibility of our public health care system," says Tutte. "That does not bode well for the province."

"Health care remains a top-of-mind issue for British Columbians. We can't understand why this letter appears to have been ignored," she says.

Tutte says that what Clark did say about health care during the Liberal leadership race is not promising. Clark vowed to reduce health care spending and tie it to the rate of economic growth in the province, despite the fact that B.C. is already Canada's second lowest health care spender.

"We are still waiting for a response," says Tutte, "but in the meantime Clark needs to recognize that British Columbians value Medicare and want a premier who is committed to protecting and strengthening our universal, public health care system."

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