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February 09, 2016 09:00 ET

New Big Data Platform Solves Data Accuracy at Scale Challenge

Webtrends Infinity™ Provides True Counts of Discrete Data Collected From Online Behaviors

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - February 09, 2016) - With the proliferation of digital channels and mobile devices, data overload is a big challenge for enterprises around the globe. To address this, Webtrends has developed a new big data platform called Webtrends Infinity, which is built for the Internet of Things and provides an object-centric big data store offering unlimited data accessibility and exploration.

"Object-centric goes far beyond web analytics and visitor behaviors to collecting and understanding interactions from devices, sensors and any other networked object," said Ethan Dereszynski, research scientist at Webtrends. "Infinity provides a highly-granular representation of objects that is singular and consistent. With these high volumes of very granular data, one of the challenges I have been working on solving is how to interrogate such large datasets and produce results that are trustworthy, at scale, with high performance and flexibility."

Common techniques of data interrogation, sampling and pre-aggregation, have real limitations at scale. Sampling does not provide consistent results unless the data distribution is predictable. Pre-aggregation is storage-intensive and does not lend itself to ad hoc data exploration.

"Past efforts in digital analytics were deemed sufficient as long as they provided a timely, accurate snapshot of basic health statistics of a site -- unique visitors by web page, conversion rate by device type, etc.," said Dereszynski. "But this only scratches the surface in terms of characterizing user behavior."

The query engine within Webtrends Infinity is built to solve this problem and problems like it. To read the full explanation of how Infinity ensures data accuracy at scale, read Dereszunski's blog, "Achieving Data Accuracy at Scale with Webtrends Infinity™."

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