April 13, 2007 08:00 ET

New Bin Alternative, Rhinobag™, Removes Renovation Rubbish


TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - April 13, 2007) - Yard maintenance and home renovation season brings with it the clutter and high costs of rubbish removal. Launched today, Rhinobag™ - a cost effective, convenient and non-intrusive way to remove all sizes of unwanted waste- will help ease the strain of homeowners, trades people and do-it-yourselfers removing refuse...without damaging household property.

A new breed of waste removal, Rhinobag is an innovative and convenient way to easily dispose of yard refuse, building rubble, sinks, toilets and other renovation waste. More cost effective and versatile than conventional waste removal bins or dumpsters, the lightweight polypropylene Rhinobag will not damage driveways or yards. Unlike traditional bins, the ready-to-use-bag can be purchased ahead of time and easily stored until required - making it perfect for small spaces. Once the bag is full, a pickup call avoids users the hassle of hauling waste to the landfill or transfer station.

"The Rhinobag design was born out of a necessity to clean out my basement," said
Randy Uens, President of Rhinobag. "After I packed all the rubbish in an old hockey bag, I found out that the municipality wouldn't pick it up because of disposal restrictions. With Rhinobag, there are no hassles. You fill up the bag, call for pickup - and let us do the rest."

To view the ready-to-use-bag, please visit the following link: http://www.ccnmatthews.com/docs/rhino3.jpg

How it works:

Rhinobags' flat, slim packaging can be purchased at leading retailers across Ontario and stored until required - meaning no time limit or additional rental costs. Once full, users can call or go online to arrange for collection. The affordable flat-fee-collection cost covers pick up and landfill fees with no hidden costs. Rhinobags come in two sizes: the Giant Bag holds one-and-a-half-tons (3,300 pounds or 1,500 kilograms), making it ideal for contractors. It is large enough for radiators, rubble, bathroom suites and other renovation debris. The Mid Size Bag holds a ton (2,000pounds or 900 kilograms), and is perfect for soil removal, garden waste and general D.I.Y. rubbish. The bonus garden catcher on top, for grass and brush, adds volume to the bag.

Strong and tough - just like the name:

Rhinobag can hold any renovation waste, building waste, rubble, concrete, shingles, bathtubs, sinks, grass, branches, garden waste, soil, rocks, brick, drywall or empty paint cans. If it's household or yard waste, Rhinobag can handle it!

About Rhinobag (www.rhinobag.ca)

Rhinobag is an innovative new product to dispose of non-hazardous waste such as lawn and garden waste, building rubble, D.I.Y. debris, renovation waste and unwanted clutter from the garage or attic. Rhinobag costs less than a traditional bin and will not damage property.

Rhinobag's are available across most of urban Canada at select Canadian Tire and Home Hardware stores. Rhinobag launches nationally with Home Depot mid May and nationally with Rona late April. To find out where Rhinobag's are sold in your area go to the website www.rhinobag.com or call 1-800-769-0149 for details.

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