SOURCE: Author Larry Katzen

Author Larry Katzen

September 24, 2013 07:00 ET

New Book, 'And You Thought Accountants Were Boring -- My Life Inside Arthur Andersen,' Marks Firm's 100th Year

ST. LOUIS, MO--(Marketwired - Sep 24, 2013) - A new book by Larry Katzen, "And You Thought Accountants Were Boring -- My Life Inside Arthur Andersen," (, wryly hints in its title at the shocking hubbub that rocked the financial universe more than a decade ago.

Katzen, a longtime partner with the innovative accounting firm, sets the record straight on how Arthur Andersen was wrongly targeted in the government's zeal to prosecute Enron. It also offers 15 life lessons gleaned from his experiences working for one of the world's biggest companies, as a community leader, husband and father of quadruplets.

Many offices around the country will be celebrating on Sept. 26, the100-year anniversary of the firm's inception.

Katzen joined Arthur Andersen, one of the Big 8 accounting firms, right out of college in 1967. He had already interviewed with the other firms and planned to cancel this last meeting. His Drake University professor told him not to: "It is your responsibility to follow through on your commitment."

"Lessons learned -- No. 1: Do the right thing," Katzen writes. "If I hadn't done what was right, my life would have taken a different path."

He enjoyed a fast-paced rise through the ranks, all the while learning, traveling and growing as the accounting firm soared in size and reputation.

It all came crashing down in 2002 when Arthur Andersen was indicted based on false accusations having to do with the scandals at Enron. With the firm's survival in question, Katzen moved quickly to encourage employees to carefully complete all remaining assignments.

"Arthur Andersen became fodder for the government's prosecution of Enron -- although it had no role in Enron's demise," Katzen says.

Arthur Andersen was eventually vindicated by a 9-0 Supreme Court ruling. 

"I will never regret my time with the firm. It gave me wonderful opportunities at a young age. I made lifelong friends. If I was in need, the company was at my side."

Author Deepak Chopra calls Katzen's story evocative.

"This beautiful story shows that the road warrior can also be a spiritual warrior."

About Larry Katzen

Larry Katzen worked at Arthur Andersen from 1967 to 2002, quickly rising through the ranks to become a partner at age 30. His new memoir details the government's unjust persecution of a company known for maintaining the highest standards.

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