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November 12, 2014 19:15 ET

New Book "Brick Wall Breakthrough" by Shelley F. Hall Helps Companies Get Unstuck With Superior Growth Strategies

STOW, MA--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2014) - An "best-seller" book purchase campaign will begin on November 13, 2014 at 8 AM EST and continue until midnight for the new book by Shelley F. Hall, "Brick Wall Breakthrough: What the @#$%! Do I Do Next?! Actions for Exceptional Sales and Service," just published by Page Court Press. Within the past three days, this unique how-to business guide has risen over 90% in its Amazon ranking.

Aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs seeking innovative ways to drive their companies forward, "Brick Wall Breakthrough" is filled with actionable ideas that have proven invaluable to Hall's clients over her 30-year career as a corporate manager, business owner and management consultant.

Readers purchasing a copy of "Brick Wall Breakthrough" on Amazon on November 13 will receive an exclusive list of free business gifts including a sales "impact scorecard," a compliance guide, marketing and operational assessment tools, special reports and videos after forwarding their Amazon receipt to The book itself addresses problems many business owners and executives face when they "hit a wall," e.g., slower-than-optimal (or flat) growth, declining profit margins and/or customers and prospects that don't seem to feel the love.

"Such pressing issues need ideas and answers now," Shelley Hall explains, "not days from now. You need to summon up the time and energy to unstuck your situation at once. It's critical."

A leading expert in customer-driven management, Hall helps her readers discover superior growth strategies that they can use when needed. Her book can be read "in pieces," she says, "pulling out the sections you need today while saving other sections for tomorrow, next week, whenever."

Sue Williamson, Co-Founder of 3rd Leadership, calls Hall's book "a read that combines theory, tools, techniques, and tips all laced with relevant humor that keeps you turning the pages, laughing and left with a fantastic resource."

Principal and Managing Director of Catalytic Management, a Boston-area business consulting firm, Shelley Hall serves large and small companies across multiple industries seeking growth in business and profits. To purchase a copy of "Brick Wall Breakthrough" on Amazon, click

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