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June 25, 2013 16:25 ET

New Book by Business Benefits Insurance President Jim Edholm Helps Small Businesses Fight Bureaucratic Barrage

ANDOVER, MA--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2013) - Aiming to shed light on what to do about the constant barrage of more and more government regulations and other requirements for small businesses, a new book called "Business Is a Large Target: The Business Owner/CEO's Complete Guide to Maximizing Results (and Profits) from HR and Employee Benefits" by Jim Edholm, President of Business Benefits Insurance, has been published by Lightning Source Press. A must-read for business people on the front lines, the book draws on the author's 30 years of experience fighting government oppression that frequently prevents small businesses from providing useful benefits packages to their employees.

"Small businesses today are targeted by government officials as 'greedy oppressors of the working class,'" Edholm writes. "Many public officials are actually jealous of them, claiming they're not to be trusted. So they watch with a wary eye and do all they can to make small business owners' lives a nightmare."

Edholm adds, "Government no longer views small businesses as positive providers of opportunity, job creators or makers of wealth. Instead government officials force entrepreneurs to pay huge fees to attorneys just to get out from under the thumbs of bureaucratic practices."

The solution? Empower small firms with sufficient HR know-how amounting to a bulwark against "hostile hoards of bureaucrats eager to plunder a business's wealth and resources," Edholm maintains. "Protecting yourself is more vital today, what with Obamacare raining down on average 1500-2000 pages (!) of new healthcare 'official guidance' each and every month." Add these recent new directives to thousands more DOL requirements, he says, and the task of staying on top of all this "information" becomes more important than ever before.

A veteran group benefits advisor, author Jim Edholm specializes in helping small employers reduce their benefits program costs and turnover, thus enhancing productivity. His goal is for all his small-sized entrepreneurial clients to acquire the same depth of HR expertise and compliance resources as enjoyed by their much larger corporate competitors. Edholm's book reveals secrets of how smaller employers (10-150 employees) can fight back, gaining levels of power necessary to not merely survive but to prosper, even in the face of today's over-regulated business environment.

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