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June 20, 2013 18:00 ET

New Book by Dr. Ginny Lucas Helps Good Parents Raise Great Kids

STOCKTON, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 20, 2013) - "Every night either my little boy or I or both of us went to bed in tears," says Malia Hinman, single mom and law student, adding, "Mornings were almost as bad." Then she read Charming Children by Dr. Lucas and put it to use, claiming it turned their lives around. "Now my son runs into my room with a big smile, jumps up on my bed to kiss my face and says, "Hi morning, Mommy!" She was delighted, and his preschool teachers were amazed at the difference in him.

Parents today feel time-pressured, and children sometimes pay the price. Charming Children teaches a form of communication that turns 10 minutes of quiet time into an opportunity for caring adults to influence the children in their lives in what its author, Dr. Ginny Lucas, describes as "a deeply meaningful and lasting way." Lucas, a credentialed psychologist with 22 years clinical experience, bases her techniques on the manner in which children process mentally -- as opposed to typical adult processing. "To communicate effectively," she explains, "adults need to understand simple language structure and other basics without which they often fall short of their goal, or achieve the exact opposite of what they had hoped for."

A question, for example, is interpreted by the young mind as a statement. Asking, "Are you afraid?" becomes, "You are afraid." Preferably, "Are you okay?" becomes "You are okay." A suggestion with a negative structure is automatically converted to the opposite. "Don't forget your jacket," becomes, "Forget your jacket." When ineffective communication becomes a pattern that is repeated, undesirable habits are formed that can confuse a child on a subconscious level, and frustrate grownups who are trying their very best.

Although the book was written primarily for parents and other family members to use at bedtime, professional childcare providers can easily adapt the techniques for use at nap time or even during a few moments of quiet time. Jonathan Pearce, EdD, says of Charming Children, "This is a fast, fun and informative read, wherein proven, complex theories are simplified in order to help adults create a safe psychological environment for children from preschool through high school."

Dr. Lucas has repeatedly been named Top Presenter at state and national professional childcare conferences. She can be reached at 209-565-4371. Charming Children is available at Barnes & Noble, on, and at

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