SOURCE: Author Bob Epperly

Author Bob Epperly

March 13, 2014 07:00 ET

New Book, 'Growing Up After Fifty,' Discusses Spiritual Path From Corporate World

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 13, 2014) - Exxon executive-turned-life coach Bob Epperly recently published "Growing Up After Fifty: From Exxon Executive to Spiritual Seeker," (, a journey of realization that a very successful career, in itself, cannot fulfill all of our needs.

Epperly's professional life was one, long upward trajectory. He rose to general manager of Exxon Corporate Research and later became the CEO of a successful environmental startup. But at age 55, it hit him: There was a big hole within him that corporate success wasn't filling. Not even close.

"Growing Up After Fifty" is the story of what happened when he began to focus on his internal realities, including the source of his feeling that something big was missing. His journey over the subsequent two decades offers guidance for others seeking fulfillment and peace.

"A memoir of strenuous soul-searching by a former Exxon executive who failed to find fulfillment in a successful corporate career... Insightful and refreshingly honest... " writes Kirkus Review.

"Workaholics STOP and read this book!" wrote Amazon reviewer C. Weidner.

"I read this book with my usual 'wait and see' thought process. I found myself journeying with the author and wondering why I hadn't taken as many side trips to find myself. Bob Epperly's process and experience rings so true for me, as I'm sure it will for many career-driven, authority-seeking workaholics."

Amazon reviewer Manuel Costa gives the book five stars.

"Bob Epperly's story about his personal life journey inspires readers to look at their priorities and values and make conscious decisions about them."

About Bob Epperly

Bob Epperly worked in management at Exxon Research and Engineering Co. for more than 20 years, finally becoming a general manager, and later was a senior executive in two startup companies. Having spent much of his professional life creating win-win environments for employees and employers and co-authoring a book entitled, "Interactive Career Development: Integrating Employer and Employee Goals," he now coaches people who seek life-transforming career change. During the last quarter century, he has made spiritual self-realization and psychological integration his top priorities. Epperly and his wife, Sarah, live in Mountain View, Calif., and have three grown children and four grandchildren.

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