SOURCE: Mark Poveromo

Mark Poveromo

October 19, 2009 13:27 ET

New Book on Pet Nutrition Gives Strategy for Combating Fatal Pet Diseases and Pet Obesity

Summary: Mark Poveromo, a Holistic Pet Food Specialist and Expert in Pet Nutrition for Nearly 20 Years, Has Written a Book, "To Your Dog's Health!," Which Advises Pet Owners on the Benefits of Raw and Holistic Pet Foods for Combating Common Pet Diseases and Obesity

THOMASTON, CT--(Marketwire - October 19, 2009) - A forthcoming book on pet nutrition documents the benefits and success of a combination raw and holistic foods diet for combating pet cancer, pet kidney disease, pet liver ailments and pet obesity.

"This approach to animal nutrition and medical attention is rejected by many traditionalists," admits Mark Poveromo, the author of "To Your Dog's Health!" (Emerald Book Company, a division of Greenleaf Book Group), scheduled for release in January 2010 and the owner of the largest holistic pet food store in the Northeast United States, Thomaston Feed. "But it's tough to argue with my successful track record of having raised more than a dozen Labrador Retrievers on a raw and holistic pet food diet, most of who have lived well into their teens. I have also advised thousands of pet owners on the benefits of this diet." Poveromo founded Thomaston Feed (, located in Thomaston, CT, in 1992.

"To Your Dog's Health!" is a comprehensive guide to healthier pet nutrition and lifestyles. It details how all pet health-related issues, especially pertaining to dogs, center on good nutrition. Poveromo recommends brands of pre-packaged holistic pet foods specific to special needs, such as obesity, which calls for a high-fiber food. Breeder's Choice, Canidae, Weruva, Fromm, Nature's Variety, Natura, Petcurean, Orijen, Solid Gold, Mulligan Stew, Natural Balance, Ziwi Peak, and Horizon Legacy are among his top choices.

"Most of these foods are pressure-cooked, baked or dehydrated. This is not the case with most brand-name pet foods which are normally fried at such high temperatures that they frequently destroy vitamins, minerals, and beneficial bacteria," explains Poveromo. The book also documents how "corporate" brand name dog food is top-heavy in carbohydrates, a steady diet of which can lead to such inflictions as ear and eye irritations, gland infections, and "hot spots" on an animal's skin.

"To Your Dog's Health!" can be pre-ordered at the Thomaston Feed Web site for $14.95. It can also be ordered by phone at 860-283-9661.

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