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September 15, 2008 06:00 ET

New Book Pay Attention! Sums Up the World in a Few Words

Chicago, IL--(Marketwire - September 15, 2008) - Author Susan D. Matz presents the world from a real person's point of view with her newest book Pay Attention!

While most Americans have to wade through vast amounts of information and experts to understand their country and world -- Susan Matz gets right to the point. Her book keeps global affairs short and simple for all audiences.

As critics and international news sources describe Americans as some of the most "unaware" people on the planet, Ms. Matz provides a fast track for people to understand the world in approximately 100 pages. Knowing the whole world -- every country and key international organizations -- can be accomplished in a two hour read.

"People get inundated with details and are not always presented with what's really important," said author and teacher Susan D. Matz. "Facts change constantly, and at some point we have to understand that there is a bottom line to grasp, and without knowing that we are powerless in our country and in the world."

After years of teaching adults about the world they live in, everything from the "basics" to a more in-depth look at the world, Susan Matz says, "People are hungry for information they can relate to and understand easily. They lead large lives between personal and work responsibilities, and are overwhelmed with all that is coming at them. They want to know their world in a simple, streamlined way."

Pay Attention! is now available for those who want to know their world and feel powerful in it. Visit or for more details.

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