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December 17, 2008 09:00 ET

New Book, "The By Families, for Families Guide to Assisted Living," Offers Unique Insight and Guidance for Transitioning Loved Ones to Assisted Living

Author Establishes Charitable Giving Program, Allocates 25 Percent of Book's Sales to Non-Profit Organizations

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - December 17, 2008) - Inside Assisted Living, an organization dedicated to families considering a transition to assisted living, today announced the debut of "The By Families, for Families Guide to Assisted Living." The objective of this new book is to serve as a comprehensive, insider's resource for all families considering assisted living and to enable them to better evaluate and transition their loved one.

Written by Inside Assistant Living's Managing Editor Ryan Malone, "The By Families, for Families Guide to Assisted Living" is a book collection that spans the most important aspects of evaluating and transitioning to assisted living, filling an informational void. When Malone's own mother suffered a stroke three years ago, he found himself in a position that he had not expected to be in at just 33 years of age. When it became clear that his mother would not fully recover, Malone, having been entrusted by his mother with her care, was faced with the ensuing emotional paralysis that stemmed from concern over his mother's health combined with not knowing where to begin his search to find a safe place where his mother could thrive.

With every free moment that he had available, between hospital visits to his mother, Malone scoured the Internet and book stores looking for resources detailing successful transitions to assisted living. With the pressure growing, what he found distressed him. "I was utterly unable to find any resource that told me I could make assisted living a positive event in our lives, rather than just accept it as part of my mom's decline," Malone noted. "Everything I found was so clinical and unorganized that I just didn't feel like I was learning from someone who'd gone through it successfully."

"Having first-hand experience with transitioning a beloved family member to assisted living, I am well aware of how important it is to have access to good, experience-based information that will lead to making informed decisions," added Malone, now an elder care advocate. "I believe that assisted living can and should be a positive experience, and a foundation for the creation of wonderful new memories. None of the resources that were available to me at the time took a positive view of assisted living, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and write my own. 'The By Families, for Families Guide to Assisted Living' is the comprehensive resource that I wish had been available to me at the time I had to make this critical decision for my mother."

Additionally, Inside Assisted Living has established a "Charitable Giving Program." Prior to her stroke, Malone's mother was heavily involved in local philanthropy. Unable to continue those activities, he established the program to continue her work. The Charitable Giving Program is an opportunity for non-profits to generate donations while at the same time providing their constituents with a resource that addresses elder care issues. Any non-profit is eligible to refer sales of the book and receive 25 percent of the purchase price in the form of a donation.

"Families touched by rare childhood diseases are often completely immersed in the care of their child," said Nicole Boice, founder and chief executive officer of The Project, The Children's Rare Disease Network. "We are excited that Inside Assisted Living has provided an opportunity to increase our fundraising while at the same time provide much needed assistance to our families concerned with elder care."

Available in both paperback and electronic book PDF (e-book) for convenience to readers of all ages, "The By Families, for Families Guide to Assisted Living" collection includes:

--  "The By Families For Families Guide to Assisted Living"
    Based on real success stories, a unique guide to provide peace of mind and
    time-savings while evaluating a transition to assisted living
--  The By Families, For Families Workbook
    A comprehensive step-by-step workbook designed to organize research,
    estimate expenses and assist in the transition
--  Your First 30 Days in Assisted Living (BIG PRINT)
    A first-of-its-kind guide written for the new resident to help them
    immediately get acclimated, meet new people and have fun within their first
    thirty days in their new community
--  Assisted Living Book Club
    Ten personally chosen books that made a difference in the author's mother's
    transition to assisted living
--  Assisted Living Concierge
    A toll-free, phone-based resource offering service provider referrals 24x7
    on an unlimited-use basis

Pricing for the book collection is $35.00 for the paperback format and $25.00 for the e-book PDF format. Inside Assisted Living is confident in the book's ability to deliver peace of mind and a deeper understanding of assisted living and has offered a 30-day refund policy to any purchaser that does not find the information helpful.

To purchase or learn more about "The By Families, for Families Guide to Assisted Living," please visit To learn more about the Charitable Giving Program, please visit

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